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Introducing the NFTFY Rewards HUB

Start rewarding smarter through staking

What is the Rewards Hub?

The NFTFY Rewards platform allows you to create a unique rewards system to boost your community, tokenomics, and governance.

Which tokens can my community stake?

You can choose whether the staking will be ERC20, ERC1155, or ERC721 tokens (and you will have endless options for reward).

Why should my community join the Rewards Hub?

Through staking, you can increase the floor price and reduce circulation (it helps to add liquidity). And through rewards, you can increase engagement.

Using the Rewards Hub, you can also strengthen your tokenomics and governance. Support members who support your project and have an excellent community

How can I create a campaign on the Rewards Hub?

You can create a campaign in a few steps in your system to reward token holders or engaged members.

On what network is the Rewards Hub?

Our rewards hub is currently on the Polygon network, but soon we will be on the Ethereum network!


PFP Supply Co.

PFP Supply Co. is a Brazilian NFT collection based on the Polygon network. And all the mint values are intended for social institutions indicated and chosen by the suppliers.

Last year, the PFP Supply Co. fractionalized its NFT through our platform. The people who own NFT fractions can now stake them through the rewards campaign created by the community to last 60 days. There are still 13 days left until the end of the campaign, and more than 40 people have been staking their NFT fractions.

If you had acquired a few fractions of the NFT and staked them, you would have received about 4 $wMATIC right now.

Onça Crypto

Onça Crypto is also a Brazilian NFT collection, and it’s the first collection of NFTs with Brazilian wild animals! They are a community in favor of the conservation of wild animals in Brazil. Half of the collection sales go to NEX Institute, an association for the protection and preservation of wild animals of the Brazilian fauna.

The collection opted to create a campaign available for 60 days. And more than 46 people joined the platform and staked their NFTs. So far, 33 days have passed since the campaign’s launch, and a person who had 3 NFTs from the collection, for example, would already receive around 16 wMATIC.

Create a campaign!

Watch the video below and learn how to create a campaign easily, quickly, and safely!

Reimagine your community and bring back what matters on the web3.

Access and create a campaign.

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