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NFTFY will be migrating its liquidity pools to Uniswap this October

Greetings, fellow NFTFY colleagues!

We are approaching the launch of a brand new feature and an entire new marketplace this week. Following the market demands and the issues regarding the NFTFY token liquidity, today we are here to announce a few changes to our NFTFY liquidity mining. If you are thinking about getting started in farming, or if you are a liquidity provider on PancakeSwap or Balancer already, keep reading!

Based on community demand, our team has decided to relocate the existing stablecoin pools to Uniswap.

We currently have four liquidity pools, distributed as follows:

  • Balancer: NFTFY/DAI and NFTFY/ETH;
  • PancakeSwap: NFTFY/BUSD and NFTFY/BNB.

Both the farming and liquidity programs in these two stablecoin pools will be discontinued as of October of 2021. We recommend that all users interrupt activities and also remove their funds, rewards, and liquidity from these platforms.

What to do next:

Before the end of the activities in Balancer and PancakeSwap, we will be opening a new NFTFY/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap V2. A new NFTFY liquidity pool will be available in Uniswap on October 11th.

We strongly believe that this change will be highly beneficial to our community, and we are working to make this transition as smooth as possible.

So, save the date! Set sail with us on October 11th and we count on you all to invite the main collectors, NFT creators and digital artists to try this new feature — that looks awesome, by the way!

We’ll be back soon with more updates. Until then, take care and good farming!

Stay tuned for more news on Nftfy. Join our groups and follow us on our social media for more information.

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