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NFT Hack Ideas + Bounties


✧ This is an overview of Untitled Hackathon’s bounties and community submitted ideas for everyone to experiment with. Thank you to the 70+ individuals who’ve contributed hackathon ideas ✧



Prize: 5 ETH + Exclusive Avastar

Matic Network

Prize: $12,000 USDT in total across 8 winners.

  1. NFTs around(Artist/Music/Prose)

Untitled Main Prizes

Prizes: 1st: 5000 DAI, 2nd: 3000 DAI, 3rd: 2000 DAI, 4th-5th: 1000 DAI alongside: WIP Meetup Coin ($WIPC), NIFTEX Shards ($ALMX, $APE, $ONEz $COZOM), Axies Infinity Axies + Land, SandBox Legendary Collectibles, Bruce the Goose Art Rewards, Ark Gallery Shares (Battle Racers), Nfties’s XCOPY Known Origin Piece “RESIST”, MarbleCoin ($MBC), Async Art Layers (A layer from Pak), MetaFactory Swag (TBD)


Music x NFTs

  • NFT minter that supports license/copyright and ISRC attributes.
  • A lightweight/IPFS audio NFT web player. A nicer design that allows you to listen to the music you’ve collected. Something that allows you to see and hear the token at the same time and looks like an actual music app, not a marketplace.
  • Async Art but for Music NFTs! Think of tracks as NFTs, that can be mixed to create master audio tracks.
  • platform for musicians to perform online sets with community engagement.

NFT Wallets

  • Better ways to display and show off NFTs

Governance x NFTs

  • Voting app that enables voting via NFTs, think but for NFTs

NFTs x DeFi

  • Interest bearing stable coin embedded NFTs containing rDAI

Interactive Media NFTs

  • NFTs that support creative coding js libraries like p5js or Pts.
  • There are a lot of creative coders who would want to build potentially interactive artworks but are limited because they have to convert the code to some non-interactive format like gifs. See Open Processing.
  • Save the code or the IPFS/Arweave link to the code in the token and render it on the browser using the HTML/js library canvas
  • This will also allow to build simple in-browser games as NFTs and sell them as an art collectible, creating the (crypto-)game-art genre
  • is working on this.


  • Community DAO ownership of parcels via ERC-20s/NFTs (master keys)
  • Harberger tax for cryptovoxel parcels where the tax goes towards treasury governed by a DAO — then tokens used to vote how to spend it e.g. commissioned builds, artwork to display. This could be used to bundle several parcels together to form a community run district.

Digiphysical Wearables Standard

  • NFTs stored in contracts that are permanently locked to KONG cash microchips embedded in MetaFactory apparel. Scan authenticate by scanning the apparel to set yourself as the owner of that piece. Cryptovoxels or other virtual worlds allow users to wear the items in game if they are set as owner on the contracts, even though the NFT isn’t stored in their wallet.


  • Better way to enable interoperability of NFT assets and content across platforms eg. CV wearables, names working in other Metaverses (follow CryptoMotors efforts into this with their in process cross-metaverse NFTs).

iOS 14 NFT Viewer Widgets

  • We need more places to display and show off NFT art, iOS 14 homepages with widgets are an awesome place to do it. See:

Social curation layer for the NFT ecosystem

  • Create curator guilds → DAO as a curator → vote on what gets added etc.
  • Token curated registries for NFT marketplaces. So when you offer an item for sale, you have to stake some collateral. If the community is willing to contend your offerings (because its a fake) there’s a contentious token staking period. If the community deems that your offering is in fact fake; your staked collateral is forfeit to the people who challenged you.
  • N_safety: Verified NFT aggregator service. Could track the verified creator badge from Rarible marketplace, aggregate wallet addresses into a database that can be utilized by upstart market places to scale their verification process. Then when the user generates an account and authenticates through 3Box — they’re immediately a verified creator. Predictive analytics system for identifying forgeries by non verified creators. We could use some combination of algorithmic, network modeling or predictive analytics to spot users while they are trying to mint a forgery NFT. Similar to the automation that powers youtube’s copy right protection algorithms.

Community token distributions

  • Create fair launch token distribution economies by distributed to those who are staking specified NFTs to earn tokens
  • NFT that gives you a governance token, based on how long you hold it. Continuous auction like Reality Cards.

Randomly generated art

  • Stake NFTs to randomly generate random art NFTs.
  • Provably rare and claimable, think Avastars and Clovers discovery.
  • Generative art NFT where the seed is the address of the first owner. basically, a free gift for everyone but anybody can mine for private keys to get NFT they like.

Social tokens x NFTs

  • Get social tokens by donating to a grant using a Superfluid stream. Receive back a stream of social tokens. Exclusive NFTs that can only be bought using the social token in question.

NFT Trading

  • Create a NFT swap meet/auction where buyers can offer a $$$ as well as a trade in the form of another NFT.

NFT Recommendation engine

  • A receipt-based social circle tracker as a recommendation engine.
    If someone has collected 1 or more NFTs from the same ETH address that you have, that person’s future purchases will more likely be of interest to you. Find new internet friends and get super actionable recommendations. This would be a great way to discover creators and NFTs through a stronger signal than “Follow” since they actually spent money on it.

NFT Lending, rental delegation

  • Pushing EIP-2615 as a standard for NFT rental/delegation is pretty important to unleash an order of magnitude of economic activity in the NFT ecosystems. See:
  • Enable NFTs to be rented, lent, and delegated to other addresses.
  • Create better utilization of NFTs within the ecosystem, un-used CV parcels could be delegated to a community pool to be shared, etc.

Primitives for Creators

  • Stake to earn NFT, which can be burned to get stake back. Useful for membership to a creator’s community, where they could earn the interest on the stake. NFT can be used for other apps to verify a tier of membership or rights.
  • NFT engagement primitives for streamers (raffles, auctions, bonding curves).



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