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NFThub ⚙ The Idea

Aggregating the Nonfungible Metavese.

The idea for NFThub was born out of perceived necessity. Having spent the majority of 2020 immersed in the amazing world of NFT’s, it has become increasingly apparent that there is really no efficient way to keep track of more than a few of the platforms, collections, games and communities that exist in the labytinth of rabbit-holes that exist in what is surprisingly still a very small niche. Nearly every day I come across an awesome project, resource, or…




NFThub is an in-development platform focused on education, awareness, and efficiency throughout the diverse NFT ecosystem. Core features include a permissionless NFT directory, gamified educational content, a public community event calendar, and a native social network.

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Discovered NFTs at the end of 2019; which caused my entry to crypto. Day one, I went all in. Day two started 72 straight research hours. I’ve never looked back.

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