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NFThub Updates

[FYI NFT’s aren’t dead. The weak hands are getting shaken out.]

While it may have seemed quiet in the NFThub environment these past couple weeks; it’s been anything but. We’ve not just been busy, we’ve been been in overdrive. Read on, dear reader, and learn all about it; or as promised, catch the TLDR (now at the end in case people wish to read without spoilers.)

First and foremost; we’ve done a complete redesign on the website’s front-end, and it should be far more user-friendly when compared to the previous deployment. As a part of the new site design, we’ve added signups for…




NFThub is an in-development platform focused on education, awareness, and efficiency throughout the diverse NFT ecosystem. Core features include a permissionless NFT directory, gamified educational content, a public community event calendar, and a native social network.

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Discovered NFTs at the end of 2019; which caused my entry to crypto. Day one, I went all in. Day two started 72 straight research hours. I’ve never looked back.

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