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More Than Just a Marketplace… An Entire Ecosystem

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After handling several successful projects in the blockchain and NFT spaces, Kerel Verwaerde, the CEO & Founder, realized that the most popular NFT marketplaces have a handful of flaws that must be addressed in order to achieve a true mass adoption of NFTs and to provide a better option for artists and users — and that is why he founded NFTing.

NFTing will be the all-in-one NFT ecosystem with cross-chain functionality, multilingual features, and an intuitive interface that is easy to use by artists, collectors and crypto newbies alike. This is not just another NFT exchange, but a truly decentralized, next generation NFT trading, creation, curation and communication platform, aiming to foster a thriving community on its built-in social platform.

How Will NFTing Standout From The Other NFT Marketplaces?

NFTing will be more than just a marketplace — it will be an entire ecosystem of all things NFT-related that will give artists, projects, collectors & traders and newbies the personalized experience that is not being offered by all currently popular NFT marketplaces.

  • For artists trying to showcase and sell their works, NFTing provides the marketplace with the best visibility and sales thanks to its unparalleled personalization, social engagement and in-depth NFT filtration system. On-Chain Minting and Mint-On-Demand features allow artists to mint their new projects directly on the blockchain and establish custom royalties and co-creation options.
  • For projects trying to reach new audiences and get more utilities for their NFTs, NFTing provides the ecosystem with the highest user conversion thanks to its multiple NFT features, add-ons, project collaboration opportunities and data access.
  • For collectors and traders trying to find the next big NFT, NFTing provides the one-stop-shop platform thanks to its innovative discovery and recommendation engine. It adapts intuitively to each user’s specific needs and interests over time. NFTing’s deep-filter system will allow users to find the rarest NFTs from the most popular to totally unknown artists.
  • For newbies trying to take their first steps in crypto, NFTing provides the educational and social platform with the easiest gateway into the vast global NFT markets thanks to its user-friendly onboarding process, hands-on tutorials, fiat onramp and cross-chain payment options. With NFTing, newbies no longer have to download, install and login to Twitter, Discord and Telegram to be able to enjoy the benefits of hanging out with like-minded NFT geeks in global community channels.

All artists and projects will surely see growth in their fanbase as they are provided with in-depth ad space with both featured and promoted content, allowing collectors & traders and newbies to show off their NFTs to the relevant audience according to geolocation, interests, languages and more.

NFTing is going to fine-tune each user’s experience on the platform accordingly, from a unique browsing experience to a discovery queue. If a user is not fond of the intuitive personalized feed, he or she can still use the platform through the visitor mode. Aside from being accessible across all devices, NFTing supports multilingual interaction and will offer 24/7 multilingual customer support to ensure that everyone’s introduction to the ever-expanding world of NFTs remains a truly pleasant and comfortable one — it will be available in 10+ languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, German, Filipino, Arabic, French, Vietnamese and Italian.

This marketplace is starting to get even more exciting!

Check out more of what NFTing has in store for you by viewing or downloading our whitepaper.

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