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NFTing is set to be the all-in-one NFT ecosystem with cross-chain functionality, multilingual features, and an intuitive interface that is easy to use by artists, collectors and crypto newbies alike.

A fresh and exciting project is about to launch that aims to solve the shortcomings of current NFT marketplaces — having to pay expensive gas fees, annoying usability issues, focusing on a single chain only, and the use of multiple social platforms.

The NFTing Store was created because of Kerel Verwaerde’s, the CEO & Founder, passion to truly bring the mass adoption and utilities that NFTs are capable of. He witnessed firsthand the issues surrounding current NFT marketplaces that do not provide the necessary features, support, and user-journeys to the platform’s users.

NFTing is planning to become the world’s central hub for all things NFT, giving users access to any NFT, no matter the chain, all in a decentralized manner, with fees much lower than any of the existing marketplaces.

Why Was NFTing Started?

The existing system of most NFT marketplaces where they focus solely on minting, selling, trading, and/or buying NFTs, plus the exorbitant transaction and gas fees, takes away a lot of earnings from the artists or creators. This gave some of the biggest crypto exchanges, like FTX and Binance, the idea to launch their own NFT marketplaces within their platforms. As they are not on the Ethereum blockchain, these exchanges were able to offer fees far more cheaper than that in OpenSea. Unfortunately, while some users think they might be the best NFT marketplace alternatives, these crypto exchanges are exposing their flaws of having a thin trading volume, limited number of NFT collections, and centralized nature.

The NFTing Store will be the answer to all the flaws of top NFT marketplaces and crypto exchanges. A truly decentralized and secure platform that is built for the community from artists and projects to users of all experience levels and languages. There’s an NFT for everyone, a true utility, and ways to share with like-minded individuals. As we aim to be the pioneer cross-chain NFT marketplace, our goal is to provide the most intuitive experience to users and bring the future of NFTs by helping new developing projects and artists, while also bringing new innovative ways to see the NFT of tomorrow.

NFTing believes that a strong community is the backbone of every successful project, which is why we will also be the pioneer of combining NFT minting and trading while building a community on a unified social platform. With the integration of this social platform, users will no longer have to simultaneously open and check Twitter, Discord or Telegram to know the latest news around NFT, blockchain or crypto. Additionally, NFTing will also offer users the option to personalize their feeds, allowing them to choose what they want to see — and no NFT marketplace is offering this kind of feature yet but NFTing!

To know more about NFTing and how everything works in this promising central hub for all things NFT, check out our comprehensive whitepaper.

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