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Wrapped OCT Token — Enabling Cross-Chain Interoperability

It is the intent of NFTOctopus to provide its “Ocean Prophets” with sustainable growth in the value of OCT by building an exciting game that attracts many players. Also, it is our intent to see an increase in adoption of and more transactions on the V Systems (VSYS) blockchain, and to see healthy liquidity for OCT tokens by leveraging Uniswap and other exchanges on Ethereum.


OCT is scarce by design, with a fixed total supply of 30,000, and no inflation.

The OCT token is a cross-chain token supported by both the V Systems and Ethereum blockchain.

Total Supply: 30,000 OCT tokens
Ethereum: 12,000 OCT tokens (ERC-20)
V Systems: 18,000 OCT tokens (VSYS)

The OCT token is the glue that holds the gameplay and yields farming together by allowing users of the network to earn rewards in the form of Octopus (points) which can be spent to activate special NFT cards.

The Octopus Points (OP) are designed to enable trading like any other ERC-20 token. 40% of the OCT tokens have been generated on the Ethereum network, of which 3,000 OCT tokens have been allocated to the Uniswap Pool, and are now available for trading.

Cross-Chain Magic

60% of the OCT tokens have been generated on the V Systems network. The V Systems blockchain supports high transaction throughput with low fees on which is especially empowering for interactive games like NFT Octopus, which can grow to lots of potential user interactions with oracles and other smart contracts features on V Systems.

The translation between ERC20 OCT and VSYS OCT is reversible; users can transform between the two versions at any time. In early 2021, users can expect a UI to perform cross-chain swaps on the V Systems blockchain; for example, from OCT to VSYS and vice versa, which will be available for all our ecosystem partners.

The wrapping process for OCT involves users locking their VSYS OCT tokens in V Systems, thus, the amount of tokens you use for minting is an equivalent amount of wrapped tokens for the users. Users can trade their Wrapped Tokens to the smart contract to receive their original Tokens back.

Octopus is more than just an NFT-based collectable card game. With the wrapped tokens design pattern, all the game players can extend the capability of the two different blockchain networks, and unlock the DeFi world.

OCT Tokens Mainnet Issuance

Contract (VSYS): CCKggGssEdgVm2yHkyzuecUvDTL5LjhaFNq

Token Id (VSYS): TWar6LKVSYRwxkEZ3Viqa1QAZeq25w93WmHAbppbf

Lock (VSYS): CCJtnJyQkgVyaxnSKkzZTWMwFFmeKxXdaXs

ERC20 Token Contract: 0x9e70240d2a8a30a592d3f076441c4f303b26de12

Issue OCT:

Native OCT Lock:

Wrap OCT (ERC20) Issuance:




Octopus is a prediction collectable card game that combines NFT with real-world predictions. Players can obtain Octopus non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through yield farming, and exchange for cards.

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