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Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms That You Should Use

7 Popular Cryptocurrencies Exchange Platforms for 2021

With cryptocurrency maintaining its reputation of being a new trendy and advisable way investing and getting high return, many people around the world have started getting their hands on it. The crypto trading platforms are upsurging with the sky rocketing number of investors. This has made it really challenging when it comes to selecting a legitimate cryptocurrency investing platform. So, this article talks about the highly legitimate cryptocurrency trading platforms where you can have excellent trading experience.

Bitcoin Era:

No wonder Bitcoin Era is one of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform in the market today. This autonomous cryptocurrency platform provides users with rational, beneficial and, user-friendly cryptocurrency investing service to a large number of traders. This site uses the innovative autonomous algorithm to spot the most profitable trading signals in the market on a real-time basis. Bitcoin Era has always been popular for high profitability. This platform offers easy onboarding process for the traders. Bitcoin Era provides demo trading accounts for the new traders for risk free learning and strategy testing.

Bitcoin Up:

Bitcoin Up is an autonomous trading platform designed to execute highly profitable trade orders on behalf of the traders. This platform has been existing for more than five years now and, boasts a massive success rate of 99.4. This platform offers a super-fast and hassles-free registration process. Professional traders can trade manually. The security measures of this site is topped by 2FA authentication.


Kraken is a US-based cryptocurrency trading platform which has been running successfully since 2011. Kraken is widely known for its excellent services and large number of features. It offers services that guide newcomers on how to trade in cryptocurrencies. It has more than 40 types of cryptocurrencies to trade in.


Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market. It offers more than hundred cryptocurrencies. It’s a great platform for the amateurs as it helps them learn cryptocurrency trading and it boasts an excellent user-interface so traders can use this platform without experiencing any sort of difficulties.


eToro is well known for its trust score. It provides world wide service and they have headquarters in many places around the world.This platform is mainly popular in UK and Europe but it allows traders from US also. It provides beginners with demo trading account so they can practise their hands.


This platform started 8 years ago and is a Hong Kong based company. Currently it servers 52 countries and, offers various types of cryptocurrencies to trade with. However, this platform best suits experienced traders.


It’s a UK based cryptocurrency exchange platform. It’s highly reliable one and it offers various types of cryptocurrencies to invest in. The best part of this platform is that it offers fund options like credit card. CEX. IO is also well known for its functionalities and features that allow investors to track the regular activities.

Now, you might have gotten a clear idea about the popular cryptocurrencies investing platforms where you can have a safe and seamless cryptocurrency investment experience.



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