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The importance of NFT infrastructure to the NFT market is undeniable. A good NFT infrastructure focuses on the comprehensive analysis of NFT data across the full chains. It not only provides a channel for users to query NFT market information anytime and anywhere but also provides comprehensive NFT data sources and NFT API services for developers in the NFT space. This is crucial for the development of the NFT market. Currently, there are many NFT data providers on the market, but only NFTScan is likely to focus on ‘NFT data’ and support the full NFT data of 20 blockchains now. This article will comprehensively introduce what NFTScan is all about.

What is NFTScan?

NFTScan is a professional multi-chain NFT data infrastructure service provider. It currently supports 20 blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNBChain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Aptos, Fantom, Gnosis, Cronos, Moonbeam, Platon, Linea, zkSync, Base, TON, Scroll, Viction, and more are being continuously added. As of November 2023, NFTScan has included 3.15 million NFT collections, 1.36 billion NFT assets, 5.26 billion on-chain NFT records, 195 NFT marketplaces, and 10 NFTFi projects.

By parsing and standardizing the full on-chain NFT data, NFTScan has built the largest and most comprehensive NFT asset database. NFTScan is dedicated to providing concise and efficient NFT asset retrieval services to millions of NFT users and professional multi-chain NFT data API services to Web3 developers and next-generation fintech companies.

As of November 2023, NFTScan has been serving over 1,000 top-tier web3 projects, including CoinMarketCap, Binance NFT, Bybit, Kucoin, imToken, SafePal, Mask, HashKey, Enjin, Stepn, and more, providing continuous NFT full data services.

Core Products

NFTScan has three core products, including NFTScan Explorer, NFT Portfolio, and NFTScan Developer Platform.

1. NFTScan Explorer

NFTScan Explorer is a multi-chain NFT explorer, offering streamlined and efficient NFT data indexing for Web3 developers and users. Presently NFTScan is supporting the NFT explorers for 20 blockchains. Users can easily retrieve and view the NFT data of any wallet address through NFTScan Explorer.

NFTScan Explorer:

They can also query the contract address or name of any NFT Collection to view its basic information, detailed information about each NFT item, and historical activity records.

Additionally, NFTScan Explorer includes a Data Analysis section where users can access real-time on-chain data analysis and statistics of popular NFT projects, such as Trading, Minting, Gas Tracker, NFT Ranking, NFT Marketplace, and NFT-FI session.

2. NFT Portfolio

NFT Portfolio is a dashboard for EVM-based NFT asset data, users can connect their wallets to view and manage their multi-chain NFT assets data, realized gains, historical records, and many other data in one place. Additionally, they can also add watchlists and track the on-chain dynamics of any NFT project or wallet, including the contract addresses and wallet addresses of whales, to capture on-chain investment information.

NFT Portfolio:

3. NFTScan API

NFTScan Developer Platform is a web3 developer platform focusing on multi-chain NFT data. It currently provides full NFT data for 20 blockchains and offers over 60 NFT APIs to meet all the data source needs of web3 developers. NFTScan Developer Platform also supports customized API services.

NFTScan Developer Platform:

NFTScan API Docs:

As of November 2023, the NFTScan Developer Platform has accumulated over 3,280 registered developer users and serves over 1,000 web3 projects with its NFT API data services, responding to over 5 billion requests. Top-tier blockchain projects, including CoinMarketCap, Binance NFT, Bybit, Kucoin, imToken, SafePal, Mask, HashKey, Enjin, Stepn, and more, are utilizing NFTScan's NFT API data services.

Compared to other NFT data service providers, NFTScan offers a more focused and professional approach, higher-quality NFT data, efficient technical support, and more affordable prices. By tracking new blocks packaged and validated in blockchain networks, completes parsing event data of each transaction in blocks, NFTScan builds the biggest NFT database across multiple blockchains. Meanwhile, NFTScan keeps analyzing and interpreting all kinds of marketplace, protocols and NFTFi in NFT ecosystem, continuously improve the depth and breadth of NFT data, and maximize the speciality and application value of NFT data.

3. NFTScan Site

NFTScan Site is an NFT project management platform that provides professional management backend and site services for NFT Collection, NFT Marketplace, NFTfi, and other NFT ecosystem projects. (Coming soon).

NFTScan Site:

Other Features

In addition to the above features, NFTScan also provides NFT data analysis service including collection trading ranking, blue chip collection analysis, wallet portfolio analysis, etc.

And if you need more quantity, more variety, and more customized data or exclusive API service solutions for the products you build, NFTScan will provide you custom solutions and VIP technical support with Enterprise Support pricing plan.

Competitive Product Analysis

1. Multi-chain Support

NFTScan has the most comprehensive NFT database in the world and is also continuously adding mainstream blockchain networks. It is expected that by the end of 2023, NFTScan will support NFT data services of 20+ blockchain networks.

2. API Service Features

NFTScan provides the most comprehensive and diverse NFT data services to meet the product needs of different developers in different scenarios. NFTScan currently supports 60+ different types of API interface services.

3. NFT Data Quality

Whether it has the feature of full NFT data tracking determines whether the data service provider can provide developers with professional and detailed NFT assets and NFT transaction data. As mentioned above, NFTScan ensures the completeness and high quality of NFT data by tracking and analyzing every transaction on the blockchain realtime.

The feature of NFT marketplace interpretation reflects the depth and professionalism of NFT data. As mentioned above, NFTScan continuously includes NFT trading markets and their trading contracts on various blockchain networks. This is also the biggest advantage of NFT data service where NFTScan stands.

Considering most NFT image resources are IPFS links, and it faces a problem with slow loading speed, NFT images on the Ethereum network are continuously compressed and transferred to AWS S3 within NFTScan. Additionally, global acceleration through CDN is also used to improve the performance of loading NFT images.


Through the analysis and comparison of the above NFT data service providers, it is obvious that NFTScan is the best choice in the field of NFT data services.

About NFTScan

NFTScan is the world’s largest NFT data infrastructure, including a professional NFT explorer and NFT developer platform, supporting the complete amount of NFT data for 20 blockchains, delivering professional NFT data services for Web3 users and developers.

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