NFTScan Launches “nftonchain” Telegram Channel to Push Real-Time NFT Hotspot Data on the Chain

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2 min readMay 4


Recently, NFTScan launched the “nftonchain” Telegram channel to deliver real-time on-chain NFT hot data.

The nftonchain channel pushes the following types of data: on-chain transactions with transaction value greater than 3 ETH, BendDAO collateralized lending real-time data, recent 1-hour Gas fee list, recent 1-hour transaction value list, recent 1-hour transaction number list, recent 1-hour Mint number list and other core hot NFT data. More NFT chain interaction information is still being expanded!

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About NFTScan

NFTScan is the world’s leading NFT infrastructure provider, currently supporting Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, Aptos, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonbeam, Gnosis, PlatON, Cronos, and 13 major blockchain networks, NFTScan has 3 major businesses under its umbrella:

1. NFTScan.COM multi-chain explorer product, which provides simple and efficient NFT search and query service for general users.

2. NFTScan developer platform, which provides professional multi-chain NFT data services for Web3 developers and fintech companies, SafePal, Mask, imToken, Coin98, BitKeep, OneKey, HashKey Me, Enjin, SlowMist and other well-known blockchain projects.

3. NFTScan as a Service, which provides one-stop NFTScan infrastructure construction services for blockchain network developer teams.



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