NFTScan Officially Launches ERC-404 NFT API Data Service

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7 min readJun 7, 2024

Recently, the NFTScan team officially launched the ERC404 NFT API data service, dedicated to providing concise and efficient NFT data search and query services for NFT developers and users in the Web3 ecosystem. ERC-404 is currently one of the Ethereum standards that has attracted widespread market attention.

Introduction to ERC-404

ERC-404 is a protocol standard that combines ERC-20 and ERC-721, meaning NFTs and tokens can be converted between each other, providing native liquidity and fragmentation of protocol. In simpler terms, this protocol allows NFTs to be divided and traded like tokens, similar to splitting a picture into multiple parts, enabling multiple people to collectively own a part of that picture. The introduction of ERC-404 is a significant improvement for NFT projects that originally lacked liquidity.

NFTScan’s ERC404 NFT API is an interface service designed for ERC404 data search and query. It helps developers quickly and accurately retrieve NFT data, significantly improving the development efficiency of Web3 applications.

  • Powerful search and filtering features: Developers can search and filter NFTs based on various criteria such as token address, owner address, etc., to quickly find the desired data.
  • Real-time NFT data synchronization: The API synchronizes on-chain NFT data changes in real time, ensuring developers get the latest, accurate data.
  • Scalable API call limits: Depending on the subscription plan, developers can get multiple API call quotas per second, meeting the needs of different application scenarios.
  • Documentation and SDK support: Detailed API documentation and SDKs for mainstream programming languages are provided, making it easy for developers to integrate.

By providing a one-stop NFT data solution for developers, NFTScan simplifies the process of acquiring and processing NFT data, improving development efficiency.

Creating an NFTScan Developer Account

Before using the NFTScan API, you need to visit the developer website and create an account. Visit the NFTScan official website and click on the “Sign Up” button for NFTScan API registration.

Sign up

Once logged in, find your unique API KEY on the Dashboard. Visit the API documentation, enter your API KEY in the appropriate place as instructed in the documentation, and you can start using the API service. In the API documentation, developers can find various interface modes to choose from based on their needs.

In the Dashboard, developers can also view statistics on their API usage, helping to track historical usage data. Additionally, NFTScan provides each registered developer with 1M CU of API call services for requesting all NFT API interfaces, and the CU never expires until used up!

View ERC404 API Documentation

After successfully registering a developer account and obtaining an API Key, you need to view the NFTScan API documentation. The API documentation includes all available API endpoints, parameters, and detailed information on how to build requests and handle responses. Read the API documentation carefully and make sure you understand how to use the API to retrieve the data you need. NFTScan API services aim to help developers improve their NFT data analysis experience.

NFTScan currently has the largest and most comprehensive NFT Collection library, supporting full NFT data from 23 blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, BNBChain, Bitcoin, Mint, etc. The included NFT data covers a wide range of categories, providing a complete set of interfaces to obtain ERC721, ERC1155, ERC404, and ERC6551 assets, as well as transaction, project, and market statistics. It now supports over 60 public interfaces for EVM-compatible chains, as well as a batch of interfaces for Solana, Aptos, Bitcoin, TON, and others using similar models, effectively meeting developers’ needs for indexing various types of NFT data.

ERC404 NFT API Series

  1. Get transactions by token

API Path: /v2/erc404/transactions/token/{token_address}

This API is used to retrieve transaction information for a specified token address. By calling this API, developers can fetch all transaction records related to a specific token address. Here, we are retrieving the full transaction information for the token address: 0x00000000004366d625e61e504f9243ac245a3ca4.

By clicking on “Try it”, a total of 983 transaction records are returned, including NFTScan tx ID, Token contract address, sender and receiver addresses, transaction amount, block number, transaction hash value, and transaction timestamp. These data provide developers with rich transaction information, enabling them to conduct more in-depth data analysis and application development.

nftscan_tx_id: “1937373900260245” uniquely identifies each transaction.

token: “0x00000000004366d625e61e504f9243ac245a3ca4” is the address of the Token contract.

send: “0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000” is the sender’s address, the account address initiating the transaction. When the value is 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000, it indicates a mint transaction, meaning the creation of new Tokens.

receive: “0xffcbb529313182cc53b430202343933d9fac66b4” is the receiver’s address, the account address receiving the Tokens.

amount: “1” is the number of Tokens transferred in the transaction.

block_number: 19373739 is the block number in the blockchain where the transaction is located.

tx_hash: “0x7f0d762081d8068b2c5e8ccebffca53473f88932fdfddac81fdbd528a6d8b3af” uniquely identifies the transaction with the transaction hash value.

timestamp: 1709699243000 is the specific timestamp when the transaction occurred.

2. Get owners by token

API Path: /v2/erc404/owners/token/{token_address}

This API is used to retrieve the owner information for a specified ERC404 token contract address. By calling this API, developers can fetch all current owners related to a specific token address. Here, we are retrieving the owner information for the address 0x00000000004366d625e61e504f9243ac245a3ca4. Clicking "Try it" returns 982 records. Each record primarily contains:

  • Owner Address: The account address currently holding the token.
  • Holding Amount: The number of tokens held by each owner.

3. Get tokens by owner

API Path: /v2/erc404/tokens/account/{account_address}

This API is used to retrieve all ERC404 token information held by a specified account address. By calling this API, developers can fetch all ERC404 token data related to a specific account address.

Here, we are retrieving the ERC404 token information for the wallet address 0x634ec0777185c68b931e567389dd3cb6d2ec30f6, including the token contract address, token type, NFT contract address (nft_contract), token icon, token name, token symbol, holding amount, and total supply of the token.

It can be seen that this account holds a total of 2 DN404 tokens, with addresses as follows:

  • 0x00000000004366d625e61e504f9243ac245a3ca4
  • 0x000000000503be77a5ed27bef2c19943a8b5ae73

4. Get transactions by owner

API Path: /v2/erc404/transactions/account/{account_address}

This API is used to retrieve all transaction information related to the ERC404 protocol for a specified account address. This API primarily returns all transaction records associated with the specified account address and ERC404 tokens, including sender and receiver addresses, transaction amounts, block numbers, transaction hash values, and timestamps.

Here, we are primarily retrieving the transaction information for the account address 0x634ec0777185c68b931e567389dd3cb6d2ec30f6.

5. Get all tokens

API Path: /v2/erc404/tokens

This API is used to retrieve data information for all ERC404 tokens on the blockchain. Specifically, this API provides details for each token, including its contract address, type, NFT contract address, logo URL, name, symbol, number of holders, total supply, and transaction volume.

Building NFT API Requests

Building NFT data requests with NFTScan is very simple and convenient. Developers just need to find the required API endpoint in the documentation and review the endpoint URL, request method, request parameters, and other details. Then, they can choose their preferred programming language according to their needs and quickly integrate the API to obtain the necessary ERC404 NFT data.

For example, to request detailed information on all transaction records for the ERC404 token address 0x00000000004366d625e61e504f9243ac245a3ca4 using Python, you can use the endpoint: /v2/erc404/transactions/token/{token_address}. Here is how you can construct the request:

import requests

API_KEY = 'your_api_key_here'
token_address = '0x00000000004366d625e61e504f9243ac245a3ca4'

url = f'{token_address}'
headers = {
'Authorization': f'Bearer {API_KEY}'

response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

if response.status_code == 200:
data = response.json()
for transaction in data:
print(f'Failed to fetch transactions: {response.status_code}, {response.text}')

In this code snippet, replace your_api_key_here with your actual API key. Then, use the requests.get method to send an HTTP GET request to the NFTScan API endpoint, including the API key in the request headers. If the request is successful, it will print the returned transaction details; otherwise, it will print an error message.

In summary, the ERC404 API helps developers quickly and accurately obtain comprehensive ERC404-related data covering major blockchains. It provides powerful search and filtering functions, real-time data synchronization, scalable API call limits, and comprehensive documentation and SDK support. This one-stop NFT data solution significantly improves development efficiency. We invite you to make use of it!

NFTScan is the world’s largest NFT data infrastructure, including a professional NFT explorer and NFT developer platform, supporting the complete amount of NFT data for 20+ blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, BNBChain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and other major networks, providing NFT API for developers on various blockchains.

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