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NFTTalk: NFT Founder Series Interview — General Questions

What brings you to the NFT space?

We are interested to know how you came to find the NFT space in the first place. Tell us how and when you entered this space and if anyone was influential in bringing you into this new space.

** Why build an NFT project? **

Tell us what made you realize that there is a need for your project in the NFT world. Share your WHY, which is the most important reason for being in this space.

Remember your WHY is your best pitch for your project’s existence and so think about this question a bit more than any others.

How do you explain to folks outside of Web3?

Now that you are in the NFT space, can you share how you communicate your NFT project with people who are not in the NFT space?

What is the current phase of your project?

Tell us about your project’s latest status. Did you go through a list of milestones, and where do you stand today?

What are the most significant barriers you faced so far?

Tell us what difficulties you had to overcome to be here. Tell us the nature of these barriers — social, economic, political, technological, emotional — what exactly you had to overcome (if any).

What are the lessons learned so far?

At this point in your journey, what are the lessons you can share for the new and aspiring NFT project founders who are about to enter or are currently in earlier phases of their NFT projects?

What do you think of NFT being available on a social media platform like Facebook?

Recently Mark Zuckerburg said the following on his Facebook post:

“We’re starting building for NFTs, not just in our metaverse and Reality Labs work, but also across our family of apps,” Zuckerberg said in a post on Facebook. “We’re starting to test digital collectibles on Instagram so that creators and collectors can display their NFTs.”

What are your general thoughts about this — positive/negative for the NFT ecosystem?

What is your advice to other NFT founders?

Do you have any concrete advice that will benefit new and existing NFT founders?

Can you share the Twitter handles of some of the NFT project founders you admire?

Can you provide 3–5 Twitter handles of NFT folks you admire as artists, educators, community leaders, etc.? Please share them in a DM with @cryptosmartone.

What NFT marketplaces do you use to showcase your artwork?

What NFT marketplaces — such as OpenSea, Foundation. The Magic Eden app you are using to showcase your work?

Are you using any virtual reality (VR) gallery?

Please tell us if you are using VR solutions to promote your NFT project.

Give us the best way to contact you?

Please DM @cryptosmartone.



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