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NFTTalk: NFT Founder Series Interview — General Questions

What brings you to the NFT space?

** Why build an NFT project? **

Remember your WHY is your best pitch for your project’s existence and so think about this question a bit more than any others.

How do you explain to folks outside of Web3?

What is the current phase of your project?

What are the most significant barriers you faced so far?

What are the lessons learned so far?

What do you think of NFT being available on a social media platform like Facebook?

“We’re starting building for NFTs, not just in our metaverse and Reality Labs work, but also across our family of apps,” Zuckerberg said in a post on Facebook. “We’re starting to test digital collectibles on Instagram so that creators and collectors can display their NFTs.”

What is your advice to other NFT founders?

Can you share the Twitter handles of some of the NFT project founders you admire?

What NFT marketplaces do you use to showcase your artwork?

Are you using any virtual reality (VR) gallery?

Give us the best way to contact you?



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