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3 steps to find a Valuable NFT project!

Step 1.

Determine the Meaning of the NFT project for the creator(s).

The secret to easily profit on amazing NFT Art projects is to make sure that the project has meaning to the creator(s).

NFT projects that have meaning to the creator(s)sparks interest for buyers, sellers and investors.

If the creator(s)have a fantastic roadmap of the project their NFT’s, and collectibles, have the potential to rise in the future.

  • Read about the Future Goals and Plans of the NFT Project on the creator(s) website.

Step 2.

Determine the Value of the project.

To determine whether a NFT project is truly valuable you need to find out whether the NFT project has a strong community.

To determine how eager the NFT community is for the project:

  1. Look at the number of Twitter Followers and their engagement surrounding the project
  2. Check the number of interested followers on Discord, Instagram, or other Social Media channels
  3. Determine if you like the art or project enough to hold it for future profit

NFT Projects with excited, Twitter and Social Media, followers is more likely to have a reliable community.

Community engagement instantly adds tremendous value to the project; as loyal followers will be more dedicated, and willing, to invest in the NFT project.

Other Things to consider:

  • How many pieces are in the collection?
  • How much are they selling for?

More community interest= More NFT value!

Step 3.

Unveil the Rarity of the NFTs.

When looking at NFT’s check how rare the properties in the art are.

When you click on an NFT, in OpenSea, there’s a dropdown list of traits under the category “Properties”.

The property information consists of things, such as:

  • background color
  • body color
  • clothing
  • hair color
  • body art …..etc.

For example, take a look at the screen shot of an NFT, OpenSea, from

The KEWTIEE Collection

Images Courtesy of MsJAGNFTS

Images Courtesy of MsJAGNFTS
Images Courtesy of MsJAGNFTS

Although, you can view the properties, to see the rarity of traits in percentages, the numbers overall don’t provide rarity scores or rankings.

you can use a tool such as Rarity Tools to check the rarity of any NFT.

Although, NFT rarity ranking tools are extremely helpful, in identifying the rarest pieces to collect, it’s the community that ultimately decides what they consider to be rare or valuable about the art.

So faithfully follow these 3 steps and you too can Effortlessly Find a Money-Making NFT project!




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