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Minting Your Own NFT

A step by step guide on how to mint your own NFT on Mintable

AfroPuff #1 NFT on Mintable

Anyone can mint on the blockchain if you are a content creator. Whether it’s artwork, digital graphic designs, 3D models, videos, original “stuff” that you own— it can all be turned into an NFT using a platform such as Why Mintable? Because although there are plenty of other platforms to make NFTs, they are either: more expensive, have file size limits below 50MB, don’t allow you to control your contracts, or do not offer decentralization. Mintable is the most flexible and has the most possibilities so I’m going to go into great detail about how you can use it.

Mintable is the most flexible platform and has the most possibilities

On Mintable you can sign up for an account and then it's easy to start Minting NFTs. You have a couple of options to select from when you choose to mint:

  • Your own store
  • Mint in Mintables store

Your own store:

When you create your own store, you are making a smart contract on the blockchain — that you own, you control, you are the only person who owns it. This is the preferred method for creating NFTs but there is one single downside. Deploying a smart contract costs a lot if gas prices are above 50 gwei. Around $100USD represented in ETH as an initial investment to deploy the smart contract — but after that, you can mint hundreds of NFTs for as little as $10 using Mintable’s batch minting.

If you think of it as a ‘start-up cost’ to get an online business going, $100 isn’t so bad. But you can also mint for free —by minting under Mintable’s store, where everyone shares the contract and everyone can mint NFTs (that still are owned by you) but don’t need to worry about deploying your own store.

However, when you create your store you can choose where the data is stored. Either let Mintable handle it, with decentralized, but no batch minting, or store your data on IPFS.

You can also have complete control. You can pick your own servers or other locations, but this honestly requires some advanced knowledge that most people don't have.

Mintable is the only place that lets you pick where the data is stored, and so this is one of the major reasons people use it

Mintable’s Store

You save on transaction fees when you use Mintable’s store as you don’t need to pay the initial overhead of deploying your own store to the blockchain. Everyone can use Mintable’s store for free and can mint thousands of NFTs in a single transaction.

Once you’ve decided what store your NFT will be minted on — the next step is actually Minting. There are many possibilities when minting on Mintable, so here is even more detailed information provided by the website site called: Creating an item

Minting the NFT

Once you click sell — you will be taken to a page to create your listing for your NFT and mint it on the blockchain. It's very similar to listing an item for sale on eBay.

You create your title, the subtitle, add a description (make it informative and interesting, and tell a story behind your NFT)

Uploading your content

Mintable has huge file limits, 3GB for the private unlockable file, and 200MB for the preview images.

This is super awesome as it means you can upload huge 4K mp4s, high-resolution photos, zip files, or more.

Unlockable private file

This file is a private file that ONLY the current owner of the NFT can access, so if you're selling a video NFT, you may upload a low res, short clip as the preview image that anyone can see — but once a buyer purchases your NFT, they can download the full, 4K resolution video.

Preview images

Go ahead and upload the image for the NFT itself, and the preview images for the listing. The first image you upload is the NFT image that shows in wallets, and the other images are shown on the listing page. Think of it like Amazon, the first image is the image people see when browsing Amazon, and the other images are the extra images shown when they click on the item page.

Set your price for the item, select a few other options like transferring copyright or making it non-resellable, and then list it for sale!

After your transactions are submitted that's it, you just created an item on the blockchain that you own, you control, and you can sell. Amazing job! Now all you have left to do is go out and promote it.

More info about Mintable can be found here: Mintable Guides



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