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My first NFT Collection Drop — The Kewtiee Collection

Keewties. What are they? Keep reading
Keewties. What are they? Keep reading

I am an NFT artist, not an NFT creator. What’s the difference you ask? NFT creators make lots of creations out of one concept and using a program such as Moralis, they will make thousands of versions of the original concept. They are in it for a big payday. Using hired guns from Upwork they get Discord channels going, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok shillers to spam their message of the impending 10,000 minting of their creation. Speaking from experience, an NFT artist will spend weeks making a piece of art, usually one or a few different versions, and then have an emotional time putting it up on a marketplace to sell. They also have a hard time deciding what price to sell the art for. And at any price, they don’t really believe someone will buy their art, because they didn’t spend thousands of dollars to shill their project on social media sites. Instead, they rely heavily on online relationships and communities to sell their art.

I already have some of my art available on OpenSea. My most recent offering is three related digital paintings called Ranya’s Essence. The paintings were inspired by a friend and her efforts to be whole during the C-19 pandemic. It was, and has been a difficult time for her because she is bipolar. I wanted to do more than just be a Facetime friend. I also recently dropped a series of three artworks representing the female warrior spirit and apply named it — “Warrior Girl” on Foundation.

My first real NFT collection drop will be the KEWTIEE collection on March 11th, 2022.

What is a Kewtiee?

First I’ll give you a little background about how I came up with the name Kewtiee.

It hasn’t escaped me during these multiple pandemic lockdowns that there’s been a lack of quality television and movie programming. It’s been abysmal. Box office hits have been curtailed since March 2020, and true bona fide hits have been few, and far between.

Of course, good film and TV making does not have to be big budget. I personally like and need more “Ted Lasso” and “My Octopus Teacher”, but find myself pulled into shows like “Animal Kingdom” and “You”, and movies like “Old” and “The Power of the Dog”. The latter set of shows are just there to literally screw with your mind and desensitize you to wrongdoing. No matter what the outcome, you know that a morally challenged person or persons will prevail and it won’t phase you.

So I can admit to having spent the last few years watching shows that have inadvertently or intentionally tried to leave me morally bankrupt. But I’m going to have to blame that on the aforementioned lack of decent programming. I ended up changing bit by bit in my everyday reality by finding myself physiologically using my newfound corrupt TV knowledge on other people I wasn’t fond of. I also continued to watch the same genres of shows and movies and would correctly predict all manner of indignity or death in the end, and to whom. Alas, I also wasn’t able to get any emotional or psychological relief in my professional line of work dealing with sick clients.

After a few months, in July of 2021 I turned to my art as therapy. I have always been a creative, preferring drawing over painting, and digital art has helped tremendously. Being artistically expressive once again has helped me discover the happiness I once had before the lockdowns.

Through my art, I’ve found my inner persona of whimsical wholesomeness and light-hearted happiness. I’ve named her KEWTIEE, which is an acronym for Killing Evil With Taking in Enabling Energy. A Kwetiee believes that everything is right with the world in spite of changes or challenges. She is the unaffected, to my affected self.

I have hand-drawn the Kewtiee collection from a photo I took of myself, and heavily edited. I love eyes, and that is emphasized in most of my drawn art. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul. Each Kewtiee is made up of several possible traits including background color, hair color, hairstyle, clothing color, earrings, eye color, and skin color.

Can you relate to my story? If you can, get your own unique Kewtiee on OpenSea. Use it as your avatar. Then contact me and tell me why you bought that particular one.

Five percent from each Kewtiee NFT sold will go toward the charity. There are a limited number of 114 Kewtiee’s to be dropped on Opensea with no two being exactly the same. Going forward anyone who holds a Kewtiee will get perks on my future projects.

Drop date: March 11th, 2022.

You can also find me on Clubhouse at @msjag. I’d love to hear from you.

Strongminds is a mental health charity in Africa helping women
Strongminds is a mental health charity in Africa helping women



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