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Should I freeze my NFT?

For NFT creators, would freezing your NFT be a good idea?

Freezing your NFT means you OWN all the rights to your NFT.

So if OpenSea or another NFT platform you are using is no longer viable you will NEVER lose your valuable NFT!

It’s a good idea to freeze the metadata on all minted NFTs to ensure that they belong to the Ethereum blockchain and not OpenSea or some other minting platform.

Freezing your NFT metadata means your NFT is on the Ethereum blockchain forever, and verifiable on EtherScan.

Everything will be frozen (except for your added unlockable content, which are content that can only be revealed by the owner of the item).

OpenSea and other platforms store files on an IPFS or ‘Interplanetary File System’ decentralized storage that stores images and art across mutiple computers, to keep with the entire ethos of blockchain- decentralized.

So What exactly is freezing metadata?

Your metadata will be permanently locked and stored on decentralized file storage when you freeze it, allowing other’s to view and utilize it.

Your magnificent NFT will be carefully preserved indefinitely in it’s original form and will never be lost or stolen.

Of course, you’ll have to pay the Ethereum gas fees every time you freeze any NFT’s metadata.

Since miners will have to write that data into the ledger, and that requires some work. Hence, the extra fees.

The extra fees are needed because nodes on the network have to perform the action.

Once your metadata is frozen, you’ll be able to see your collection token on Etherscan.

This means all the metadata now lives unchangeable on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.

If your NFT or NFT collection still shows the ‘editable’ property under details on the NFT profile page, this means the NFT or collection has not been permanently stored in its current state.

How exactly do I freeze my NFT metadata?

Remember, you’ll only be able to do this if you’re an NFT creator, or if the NFTs you hold haven’t been frozen. You won’t be able to access this feature until you have created the item.

  1. Go to your item/collection properties and scroll down until you see the freeze metadata toggle switch. Turn the switch blue will show indicating the art you have will be frozen.

3. You’ll then see a “freezing metadata pop up.” Box.

Click the “I understand” box, and then click submit transaction if everything looks right with your collection properties.

4. You’ll now have to sign the transaction connecting you to your wallet and agree to the Ethereum gas fee with this screen (or something like it):

5. Confirm the transaction. Once confirmation is done, you’ll see a note in the details section under metadata saying that the NFT file was frozen.

When you hover over “frozen” a pop up box appears with details on the decentralized storage and the date and time you did the transaction. That’s it!

Remember once you confirm and pay for freezing your art work it can never be lost, stolen or changed ever!




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