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The Doodles NFT Success Story

— — — NFTs as a Brand


Doodle’s NFTs are one of the best examples we’ve seen of the potential use of NFTs to create a collectibles brand for the long term

What are Doodles?

Doodles are a community-driven NFT collectibles project featuring art by Burnt Toast aka Scott Martin. First minted on October 17th, 2021, the current floor price at the time of this writing is 16ETH — that’s $69,050.15USD on OpenSea. You could have gotten one for around 1ETH in the initial 24 hours after the mint. Doodles NFTs have a range of colors, sizes, and 265 unique traits pairs. Hand-drawn Doodles include “skellys, cats, aliens, apes, and mascots”. The Doodles also includes dozens of “rare heads, costumes, and colorways” designed by Burnt Toast. The total collection size is 10,000.

Why should you become part of the Doodles NFT community?

The Doodles team is intent on holding true to their promise of growing and expanding their brand. A Doodle NFT holder can expect access to the latest products, merchandise, and even events through continued ownership. A Doodle NFT allows its owner to vote for experiences, events, and products paid for by the Doodles Community Treasury (proceeds from sales of the NFTs). Doodle holders can keep abreast of the money that is made and spent in the treasury (as well as other things) by joining the well moderated, and very active Doodles Discord channel.

Moreover, the Doodles project is very well-thought-out and available for anyone to peruse on their website. Their smart contract can be found easily, as well as a roadmap of what they have in store for the future. Next up? They have Space Doodles. Space Doodles are personal spaceships for Doodle holders and as such is an NFT token that wraps the Doodle — transfer a Doodle in and get a Space Doodle out. This means the Doodle NFT becomes a Space Doodle NFT, but can always be switched back to a Doodle again. The whole process is free and the Doodle NFT owner receives their own unique appearance and competencies within their personal spacecraft.

To date, Icy Tools has indexed a total of 20,701 in sales and 103,119ETH in volume for Doodles across OpenSea, LooksRare,, and Genie. The estimated market cap of Doodles is $589,919,514 at an ETH price of $3,444USD.

The Doodles team is creative and wants to give the Doodle NFT owner real tangible benefits to those holding their NFT. They want to make it exciting and interesting for those who are committed to the brand. The team has visions of collaborating with other projects and brands, artists, and musicians, and getting more Doodle-related “stuff” in the hands of more people globally.

Keep your eyes out for how you can get in on the Doodles brand in the future if you don’t happen to have 16ETH in your crypto wallet now to drop on the NFT. These guys are not about exclusivity. They are about inclusivity. Maybe they will create “Baby Doodles” NFTs for those who would like to buy a token. They don’t intend to dilute the brand, and I’m sure they won’t make the same mint-day mistake as WOWG.



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