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What is So Wonderful About NFT Marketplace?

Most people in the cryptocurrency space will have heard of; as they have been around since 2016.

Also, The, distinct deep blue and white lion logo, can be seen on billboards, found in news articles, observed on TV, endorsed by celebrities, and even seen on NBA players jersey’s! currently offers more than 250 cryptocurrencies to over 10+ million customers worldwide.

Not only does app have a vast amount of great virtual tokens to buy, sell, and hodl, they recently changed the name of The Staples Center in Los Angeles to Arena!

So with that being said, it is no surprise then that started their own NFT Marketplace in March of 2021.

The NFT marketplace, constructed on the chain, requires users to create an additional account,(which links to their current trading account), to use the NFT Marketplace.

The NFT marketplace contains an abundance of NFTs to buy or sell with categories such as:

  • art,
  • * gaming,
  • * sports,
  • * music,
  • * A-List creators,
  • * and MORE

One of the major differences with the NFT marketplace is:

NFTs can be purchased instantly using a credit or debit card.

Most other NFT marketplaces require you to only use cryptocurrency on their platform. also recently added Ethereum-based NFTs – profoundly expanding the potential of its’ assets.

Now Let’s talk about NFT Fees

Like all NFT marketplaces, costs will differ depending on whether you are a buyer, a creator, or a trader (reseller).

Let’s take a look:

Buyer Fees

The most important thing to note for buyers is that doesn’t charge any fees to the buyer when an NFT purchase is made.

This is what is amazing about NFT marketplace as many other marketplaces charge a fee when making an NFT purchase.

Creator Fees

If you are interested in minting NFTs and selling them on the NFT marketplace, this will cost 1.99% per NFT.

This Seller Fee only applies to the initial sale of the NFT. has reduced the fee from 15% to 1.99% to attract more creators to the platform.

Reseller Fees

If you own an NFT, and wish to sell it in the market, then the reseller fees is only 1.99% per transaction vs the 5% use to require.

The fee reductions make it more appealing for resellers; as it will save them significant amounts in fees!

So what else does the amazing NFT Marketplace have to offer?

You can easily transfer your NFT from

Marketplace to your wallet such as:

. NOTE: DeFi Wallet is a wallet where you are the custodian– This means you get full access and control of all your crypto and private keys.

The DeFi Wallet supports over 100+ crypto assets and is protected with biometric and two-factor authentication (2FA). NFT Marketplace has Fantastic Customer Service

In terms of customer service, has an extensive FAQs section, presenting answers to most of your popular questions.

In addition, also has a dedicated email address for other questions not found in the FAQs section, and there is even a ‘Live Chat’ box with fairly quick responses from a ‘Live’ person 24/7!

So Let’s overview what the NFT Marketplace has to offer:

  • Great for First-time NFT buyers,sellers and creators
  • Great for Experienced NFT investors
  • Valuable for People interested in celebrity NFT drops
  • Affordable for NFT traders/resellers looking to benefit from secondary market sales
  • Opportunity for those interested in NFT giveaways
  • Easy connection of wallets such as:
  • - MetaMask
  • - Ledger
  • Cost-Effect Lower fees for buyer, creator, and reseller
  • Versatile No need to use your cryptocurrency ever (HODL on!)
  • - Optional Use of credit/debit card for purchases
  • Safety and control of your valuable NFT’s using
  • - Free non-custodial DeFi-Wallet

With users do not need to go anywhere else when buying, selling, trading or hodling NFTs or cryptocurrency!

I hope to see you in the NFT Marketplace!




Non-fungible Tokens aka “Nifty’s” are just evolving and we are here for it. We strive to write enlightening articles that will give exposure to the talented artists and the art that drive the NFT marketplace.

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