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Duro Dogs is Here! Now What?

Scene from Duro Dogs Trainer containing ultra rare dog

Today, we are extremely happy to be launching the Duro Dogs ecosystem. On the surface, Duro Dogs is a digital pet game utilizing NFT technology and “play-and-earn” mechanics. But for us, Duro Dogs is much more. It is an experiment to test the following hypothesis: that the combination of micropayments, instant payments as low as 1/100th of a cent, and NFTs can unlock collaboration and interoperability in unprecedented ways. If we are right, we believe Duro Dogs can become one of the most significant games in the world.

Today’s release, the first installment of the Duro Dogs world, is Duro Dogs Trainer. In DD Trainer, new trainers receive their first duro dog for free. Duro dogs are each one of a kind with a unique look. Trainers can train their new dogs by doing activities, feeding their dogs, and digging for items and treats, our in-game currency. As one trains, one’s dog will gain XP and level up. Trainers will also earn treats through training which can be used to purchase items. BSV, the native token of the blockchain we are using, can be used to purchase as little as $0.25 of treats, purchase additional dogs for $0.99, and buy items directly which range from as little as $0.10 to as high as $500 for the rarest items. All dogs and items are NFTs which we can mint and send for $0.001 or less.

Example of a rare duro dog in the training ground

As the first generation of trainers begin their journeys, we want to take this opportunity to give more context on the Duro Dogs roadmap. Over the next few months, we will be releasing Duro Dogs Marketplace, Duro Dogs Park, and Duro Dogs Creator. These releases will transform training duro dogs from simply leveling up and acquiring items into an opportunity to experience a rich, growing world of games with your dogs, to contribute to the duro dogs ecosystem as a creator, and to earn money through training dogs, acquiring items, and competition.

Duro Dogs Marketplace

Duro Dogs Marketplace is a storefront where trainers will be able to list dogs and items for sale and to purchase dogs and items from one another. Trainers will still be able to get a level one dog from us for $0.99, but by using the marketplace a trainer will be able to purchase higher level dogs which earn treats at a faster rate, or to buy dogs which have traits that trainers find desirable, perhaps due to rarity. Additionally, many items will only be available from other trainers. Some of these will be limited edition items which have sold out or are no longer on sale. Others will be items that can only be discovered through digging and have all been discovered.

Duro Dogs Marketplace will mark the point where Duro Dogs truly becomes a “play-and-earn” game. We think most trainers will be focused on having fun and will be a net-spender as a result. Still, even these fun-oriented trainers will have opportunities to get some cash back through their play, and some trainers may even be able to consistently make money through their training systems.

Duro Dogs Park

Duro Dogs is an experiment in collaboration and interoperability. This will start to take shape with Duro Dogs Park. In Duro Dogs Trainer, dogs exist in a relatively static environment with a point and click interface. With Duro Dogs Park, we will bring duro dogs into more dynamic gaming environments with greater emphasis on skill and competition.

Developers for Duro Dogs Park will be able to create 2D games using an SDK which allows them to create a game using a model dog which transforms into a trainer’s actual dog when that trainer enters the game. DD Park games will also be able to access a dog’s history including its level, XP, as well as how many times a trainer has performed a specific activity with that dog. These traits and more can be used to give individual dogs different abilities or levels within a Park game. Some of these games will be free to play, but many third party games will use micropayment monetization methods, charging trainers as little as a few cents per play — a much better deal than having to watch ads or purchase a subscription.

We are already producing the first Park games internally and with third party developers. If you want to build for Duro Dogs, get in touch with us through Discord!

Duro Dogs Creator

Collaboration and interoperability for Duro Dogs goes beyond creating new games for dogs. We will be opening the Duro Dogs ecosystem to all kinds of creators. Duro Dogs Creator will be an interface to allow artists and other creators to submit items and other creations which can be sold to trainers in the Marketplace. At first, these creations will mirror the items we are creating internally: hats, glasses, and collars at first, then stickers, new environments, furniture, and more.

Ultimately, we want to open up the entire ecosystem to creators. We want creators to be able to create alternative animations, sound effects, and visuals for dogs. We will help creators sell these creations to trainers in the form of an NFT, a/o to license these creations to game developers to help these developers create rich and diverse experiences for Duro Dogs.

Once we achieve these four poles of Duro Dogs — Trainer, Marketplace, Park, and Creator — we will have all of the ingredients necessary to facilitate the creation of a remarkably vibrant gaming ecosystem. At the heart of this is trainers’ access to NFT and micropayment technologies. NFTs allow trainers to easily access new games with their authentic dogs, history, items, and other creations. Micropayments allow trainers to pay throughout this ecosystem in a frictionless manner, allowing them to truly enjoy the creations and experiences available to them and their dogs. Today, we are taking the first step, and we hope you will join us for this exciting journey into the future of gaming.



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