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How to Generate Transactions and Earn with Duro Dogs

Duro Dogs is sending BSV transactions to the moon

Duro Dogs is a game about having fun. We are utilizing the superpowers of BSV to create a gaming experience that can bring fun to as many people as possible — most of whom, hopefully, will not be BSV early adopters. Today, however, virtually all of our players are BSV early adopters. We know BSVers like to have fun, but we also know that BSVers really like to generate BSV transactions and earn BSV. This article is about how to do both.

There are lots of ways to enjoy Duro Dogs. You can collect dogs seeking rare breeds. You can buy items for your dog to make them look even cuter! You can dig for rare items and treat rewards. But, the best way to generate transactions is to train your dog to up to level 10.

Getting a duro dog to level 10 takes about 300 training actions. Duro Dogs generated over 51,000 transactions in the first 24 hours. Each of these is a transaction which stores information about your dog on chain, building a history which other games can use.

Your first duro dog is free, and subsequent dogs cost 99c. We cover all of your transaction fees, about 30c to get a dog to level 10. So, buying dogs and raising them to level 10 generates 300 transactions for 99c + the time it takes to train the dogs. But, is a level 10 dog now worthless? No! A level 10 dog is a real asset relative to a level 1 dog that can be bought for 99c.

A level 10 dog represents real Proof-of-Work. You can spend money to make getting to level 10 easier — but you still have to make the 300 clicks, about 30 minutes of time if you are fast. Time is money. Plus, a level 10 dog is flat out better than a level 1 dog. As many of you know, performing training activities costs energy and yields treats. Energy recharges over time, or by feeding the dog which costs treats. A level 10 dog is twice as efficient at generating treats from its energy. In fact, having level 10 dogs makes it much easier to get a new dog to level 10 without spending money on treats to buy food and accelerate the training process. The best way to train dogs is to have other dogs! Also, level 10 dogs can have a number of advantages in our Duro Dogs Park games which can yield treats or BSV through an ILP integration.

So, in summary, here is the strategy. Train dogs to level 10, generating around 300 transactions each time. Use your level 10 dogs to help train other dogs by spending their energy to get treats to buy food. Once we release the marketplace in early 2022 — these level 10 dogs should trade at a premium, so your training and hodling will likely be rewarded.

Happy training, happy earning, and happy transaction generating!



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