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Update for NFTY Jigs Presale Participants

The NFTY Jigs team remains extremely grateful for our presale participants. Your support gave us the confidence to pursue our vision of an incredibly scalable and dynamic NFT-gaming ecosystem. We are tremendously proud of the platform we’ve created to support this vision, and we are thrilled with the early reception of Duro Dogs, the first game built with the NFTY Jigs platform and the first application using gamedrop jigs — our concept of utilizing NFTs with nothing but a serial number in all kinds of different applications using different interpretations of those serial numbers.

This update is a quick FAQ which should answer questions about what is coming next for presale participants.

What do I own?

What you own are tickets which can be used to claim gamedrop jigs. When we conducted the presale, we called gamedrop jigs NFTY Jigs. We decided to rename these because it was confusing to have a platform and a set of NFTs with the same name. Gamedrop jigs is more descriptive of the concept, being able to airdrop a new game onto an existing set of NFTs.

How can I use my tickets to claim my gamedrop jigs?

Being able to use HandCash for the NFTY Jigs platform has been an extremely positive development for the entire NFTY Jigs community. However, it has added additional complexity in allowing presale participants to exchange their tickets for gamedrop jigs. We are developing a bridge to allow presale participants or buyers of tickets on the secondary market to claim their gamedrop jigs. Our goal is to have this bridge ready in January 2022, and our promise is that this bridge will be ready in Q1 2022. The longer it takes, the more goodies we will shower upon you to thank you for your patience. We will contact you through the email you used to purchase the presale jigs when that process is available. If you are a secondary purchaser, make sure to follow NFTY Jigs on Twitter to stay up to date.

What is the relationship between gamedrop jigs and Duro Dogs?

Each duro dog is minted from a specific gamedrop jig. Only one duro dog can be minted from a gamedrop jig. The duro dog minted from a gamedrop jig will have the same serial number as that gamedrop jig.

If you are already playing Duro Dogs, you will notice that these dogs all have a serial number of 1,000,000 or higher. This is because the first 1,000,000 serial numbers were a part of the presale. For each duro dog you own currently, you also own the gamedrop jig. If you send a duro dog to someone else (feature coming soon), you will still retain your gamedrop jig. Once we deliver the NFTY Jigs marketplace (expected Q1 2022), you will be able to sell gamedrop jigs as well. You can sell a gamedrop jig and keep your duro dogs, but only the gamedrop jig holder will be entitled to new NFTs derived from that gamedrop jig.

Minting a duro dog from a gamedrop jig will require an adoption fee. This adoption fee is included in the current purchase price. Duro dogs which were received for free (every player gets their first dog for free) will still require an adoption fee to be listed in the marketplace or transferred to another player. All gamedrop jigs purchased in the presale will have this adoption fee waived.

Will I receive anything else in Duro Dogs as a presale participant?

Yes! We will give out rewards to presale participants in the process of exchanging tickets for gamedrop jigs based on the jig ticket tier. We love our presale participants and reserve the right to continue showering you all with gifts and other goodies as a continued thanks for your support.

When will Hash War or other games arrive?

As you can see, we have a lot planned for Q1. We are growing our team quickly and our capacity is growing accordingly. It is possible we will have an MVP version of Hash War in Q1, but we think Q2 is much more likely.

A very small number of companies and games have recently begun using the NFTY Jigs API to integrate NFTs into their applications. Soon, we will be able to onboard other applications more quickly and in greater quantities. Not all of these applications will utilize the gamedrop jig network, but we will encourage their use wherever possible. Our goal is to have a number of games, not all created by us, using the gamedrop jig network by the end of 2022.

If I haven’t claimed my tickets or set of my NFTY Jigs wallet, do I still need to?

No. The NFTY Jigs wallet was primarily created to facilitate participation in secondary markets by users who wished to do so. If you haven’t claimed your tickets yet, you will still be able to claim those tickets in HandCash. We will contact you through the email you used to purchase the tickets when that claiming process becomes available.



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