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NFTY Labs — Discord Bot Release

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce the release of our Discord bot that will be used to keep VIP channels secured for those that hold specific NFTs. This bot will be able to be used by our partners (soon) to ensure that users within their VIP channels are always holders of their respective NFTs moving forward.

With the release of the bot and our previous NFT sale, we decided to use the bot to setup our own VIP channel within our NFTY Discord to test things out. And it works like a charm! Users within our Discord are loving the ability to access VIP functions, and we love having the bot keep the right users in and the wrong users out.

  • Note: This bot will actively scan users' wallets to keep track of those that have the specific NFT allowing them to access the private community or not. If the user does have the NFT then the bot will allow them to gain access, but if the user does not have the NFT in their wallet they will not be allowed access. Furthermore, if anyone removes the NFT from their wallet after joining VIP then they will be removed from the channel.

NFTY team member Tytan Inc posted an announcement in the Discord following the release of the Discord bot sharing details about the process of becoming a VIP in the NFTY group.

For those that might have missed it, we will post it below, so make sure you go get your NFTY VIP status!

Alright everyone! Your opportunity to get access to the VIP channel in our discord is now! We have worked out all the bugs in the discord bot, and it’s ready for action. You are the first individuals getting the chance to test out our new tech that is going to revolutionize how communities are operated.

For this gate we will be using either the “NFTY Labs Access Token V. 0.2.0” or the “V. 0.1.1 test token”. Either balance can be checked as long as both are in the same wallet.

If you have the “V. 0.2.0” or “V. 0.1.1” NFT in your wallet then please follow the steps to joining the VIP channel.

Step 1: Type “!login ec7f744d”or “!login 6b57058d” — in any channel. Remove the quotation marks when you post it.

Step 2: You will receive a message that says “Complete your second factor login for “Discord: NFTY Labs (#nfty-vip)” here: <insert link here>”

Step 3: Click the link to be redirected to the login screen. Here you can use either your metamask or walletconnect wallet to verify the ownership of the required NFT. Use the same wallet that the NFT is in.

Step 4: Once you complete the verification process and the system determines you have ownership of the either NFTs then you are allowed access into the VIP channel and the fun begins!

If you have any issues DM myself, Tytan Inc, or ChanceCrypto directly, or use the support redirect at the top right of the login page for Intercom support.

NFTY Labs 0.2.0 Access Tokens !login ec7f744d

NFTY Labs 0.1.1 Test Token !login 6b57058d

With the successful launch of the bot within our own NFTY Discord groups, we will be able to roll it out to partners for use within their communities. It is going to be of tremendous help keeping private communities regulated, and we are so happy to finally get this new tech out to all of you!

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NFTY Labs is a foundation focusing on the growth of NFT ecosystems by building open-sourced, community-based tools that will unlock inherent utility and value within NFTs.

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