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$NFTY Staking — Get More Out Of Your $NFTY Tokens

There are many ways to earn extra $NFTY! Holders are already earning by staking on Beefy.Finance, but perhaps a lesser known way is with our Access Token! Read more to find out 🤑

What’s $NFTY?

If you’re a participant in our record-breaking public token sale, you must have received your scheduled token allocations by now and might be wondering what you can use your $NFTY tokens for.

$NFTY is the utility token powering the entire NFTY Network ecosystem. $NFTY holders will be able to use the token for many use cases that you can find out about on our main NftyNetwork website.

The biggest use case for the $NFTY Token is that it provides access to exclusive token gates on NFTYConnect. It also allows users to create secure and exclusive token gates on NFTYConnect.

What’s NFTYConnect, you ask? NFTYConnect is our Premier NFT Management Platform. It allows NFT collections to provide unique utilities to their holders through secure and special access token gates. What’s even more exciting is that NFTYConnect users also get the chance to win even more $NFTY tokens.

Staking with Beefy.Finance

Beefy.Finance is a secure Decentralized, Multichain Yield Optimizer that aims to provide the best APYs to crypto assets holders.

To get started, interested users need to deposit their tokens into the specified Pool Vaults.

For example, here is the $NFTY / $BNB LP Pool which you can deposit into via the BSC network. Here’s also our $BSC Contract: 0x5774B2fc3e91aF89f89141EacF76545e74265982.

After depositing your tokens, Beefy.Finance then seeks to provide the highest levels of compound interest for you by automatically maximizing the user rewards through various smart contracts-powered DeFI investment strategies.

Note that you remain in complete control of your tokens and can withdraw anytime you wish.

Here’s a visual overview of how the platform works and how you can deposit your tokens

At NFTYLabs, we’re passionate about helping our users get the best NFT utility, and we’re proud to have partnered with an innovative Staking Platform that shares our passion.

Staking Your Earnings From NFTY Token ID 8

Most people are not aware that NFTY has an NFT on OpenSea called the NFTY Access Pass. But what exactly does this NFT do and how can it be useful for you? At first, the NFTY Access Pass was created to help fund NFTY Labs and grant users VIP access into Discord where they could have easier access to talk with the team about company developments. This is still the case but now extra benefits have been baked in.

Each NFT actually represents 250,000 $NFTY Tokens. Only Token ID 8 represents this amount. Other NFTY NFTs will have other functionality and we are excited to bring that to you in the near future. Getting back to Token ID 8, how the 250k NFTY is distributed to holders is a little more complicated. For the first 3 months, each month token holders will be airdropped 10% of the NFTs value.

After those first 3 months the remaining 70% of the tokens, which would equal 175,000 NFTY Tokens is vested linearly for the next 18 months. Which means that holders get 9,722.2 tokens a month until the 18 months is up.

This is a massive way of saying thank you to those who have supported us from the very beginning. These NFTs are also a unique way to get $NFTY into the hands of more holders. Pair these NFT Airdrops with Staking and Liquidity pool benefits and holders can find themselves earning plenty of $NFTY.

About NFTY Labs

NFTY Labs is a foundation focusing on the growth of NFT ecosystems by building open-sourced, community-based tools that will unlock inherent utility and value within NFTs. NFTY Lab’s goal is to create new applications that offer new utilities for NFTs, and we aim to do this by utilizing a core feature of all NFTs: ownership.

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NFTY Labs is a foundation focusing on the growth of NFT ecosystems by building open-sourced, community-based tools that will unlock inherent utility and value within NFTs.

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