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NFTYLabs join BSC MVBIV Program!

Let’s take a closer look at our participation in the Most Valuable Builder Program (Season 4) from Binance Smart Chain.

The NFTY Labs team is incredibly proud to announce that we’ve been selected as part of the first 22 projects to participate in the MVBIV Incubation Program. Web3 Projects in the MVBIV batch, which will run from January to April, are chosen based on their outstanding contributions to the theme: MetaFi — Smarter Defi for the Web3 universe.

The prestigious Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program was launched in 2021 to provide extensive support to innovative solutions building on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The MVB program is designed to assist selected participants in accelerating their marketing, operations, and funding efforts.

Participating projects will be mentored and assessed throughout the program based on critical criteria like security, project design, community, and innovation. MVB Monthly Stars will be announced every month, and at the end of the incubator program, the MVB Committee will also select the best of the best — MVB IV Top Players via a decentralized voting system.

Our goal at NFTY Labs is to create a best-in-class Web3 user management system that will provide immense utility to the entire NFT ecosystem.

We’re delighted the MVB Program recognizes our efforts, and we hope to make you, our loyal supporter, proud of us during the incubation program.

Thanks for your continued support.

About NFTY

NFTY is a cross-chain Web3 authentication layer used for subscription services, loyalty incentives, and access management.

NFTY provides verifiable ownership for digital assets, and $NFTY holders benefit as owners of the ecosystem currency that makes NFTs and other digital assets useful by automating their use as provable keys to access metaverse gated content, experiences, communities, and much more.

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