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The NFTY Guardians

The NFTY Guardian program, a new community effort from NFTY Labs, is looking for volunteers! This is a program for anyone interested in getting into the web3 sector by volunteering their time and learning more about both crypto and NFTs. As the NFTY community has grown, the team believes that this is a vital step to take.

The NFTY Guardian initiative will aid communication between the community and the core team of the NFTY. This is critical as the introduction of SocialPass approaches, and the NFTY Network environment continues to expand. Obtaining critical community feedback and allowing community members to educate and grow with their peers are excellent ways to promote stable and healthy community growth.

The platform indicates that the benefits of becoming an angel will include:

  • Receive invitations to company events
  • Receive special access to members of the NFTY Team
  • Receive invitations to NFTY Guardian meet-ups
  • Receive limited edition gifts specifically made for NFTY Guardians

Those who successfully complete the application and are chosen to be a NFTY Guardian may be asked to help out in the following areas:

  • Help new users become familiar with the platform
  • Moderate chats and provide customer service inquiries to team
  • Respond to user questions and comments
  • Test and provide feedback for upcoming products
  • Organize online and offline events
  • Translate and proofread content for NFTY
  • Provide feedback and suggestions
  • Spread the NFTY gospel

We are excited to see the NFTY Community grow, and be sure to thank yourself for being a part of this wonderful moment in Web3 Those who are interested in applying please follow the link below:

Apply For NFTY Guardians

Deadline to Apply is May 9th, 2022
Those accepted will be notified on May 10th, 2022



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