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Welcoming a NFTY Labs Advisor: Evan Helda

NFTY Labs is delighted to reveal that Evan Helda will be joining our Advisory Board.

Evan Helda is currently a Specialist for Spatial Computing at AWS, where he leads business development and GTM strategy.

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Evan started his early career in financial services but switched career fields after developing an interest in technology. This propelled him to take evening classes after work to get an MBA at Babson College.

Before fully delving into Crypto in 2017, Evans worked as an Accounting Executive for BrandsAD, a video-ad tech start-up. Afterward, he commenced his journey into Metaverse, working for the Original Meta firm, one of the AR Start-up at the time, where he played a pivotal role in building innovative AR headset and developer kit. After that, he became the business development lead for Improbable in North America, where he spearheaded efforts to build a back-end simulation technology with a focus on gaming.

Ever since then, he has devoted himself to studying cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Evans believes that we are in the age of revolution that will be 1000 times more impactful than the last renaissance that the world experienced.

“My view is that we are on the verge of a renaissance that will be 1000X more impactful than the last. Smart contracts have forever changed how capital is raised, how communities/networks are built, how digital information/assets can be distributed and owned, and how wealth can be created and democratized.”

He is also fascinated by the self-sovereignty that Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFT give to people through ownership of digital assets that don’t revolve around government regulations and tax, thus eliminating the current centralized finance and unilateral business model.

“What’s happening with NFTs, and Crypto at large is disruption at the inception of this value chain; Ownership. We are moving into an era of digital ownership, and in turn, an era of individual sovereignty vs. sovereignty of the firm/nation-state, revolutionizing, well, everything. This idea is fully explored in a book called ‘The Sovereign Individual .’ The authors eerily predict the implications of the technological shifts we’re now experiencing. One of these shifts is driven by ‘digital money, i.e., Bitcoin. With this new ‘money (or store of wealth), the individual is empowered with encryption technology that allows him/her to secure property/ownership in a way that is immune from ‘coercion,’ or as the book calls it, ‘violence.’ Historically, most governments have been pretty good at protecting groups of individuals from this coercion, and as a result, a certain type of ‘business model’ and unilateral relationship formed. One in which the individual gets sent a tax bill, one that can’t be negotiated, and within a ‘contract’ that can’t be red-lined. This is a relationship in which the individual is treated more like an employee (with a duty) than a customer (with a choice).”

Evan is terribly excited about NFTs but believes the industry needs to focus less on price and speculation and more on innovation, particularly at the ‘experience layer.’ — an opinion we strongly share at NFTYLabs. He shares his musings about the industry in his monthly newsletter, Medium Energy.

Evan has closely been observing NFTY Labs ever since he met our director at a golf game and got enthralled by our operational model. His emphasis on the ownership opportunity provided by NFT reflects the core values of NFTYLab.

We are excited to have him join our Advisory Board as our values on the future of NFT align. We will be leveraging his expertise to participate in a metaverse where NFTY Labs products reign.

About NFTY Labs

NFTY Labs is a foundation focusing on the growth of NFT ecosystems by building open-sourced, community-based tools that will unlock inherent utility and value within NFTs. NFTY Lab’s goal is to create new applications that offer new utilities for NFTs, and we aim to do this by utilizing a core feature of all NFTs: ownership.

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NFTY Labs is a foundation focusing on the growth of NFT ecosystems by building open-sourced, community-based tools that will unlock inherent utility and value within NFTs.

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