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Welcome to my new newsletter. NSFW. Because I bet you don’t have the time to be keeping up with all the non-fungible news at work. So for this weekly update, I’ll be breaking down all the non-fungible token news from the week and throw in my half-baked ideas well.

Hope you enjoy!


Here’s your WEEK 1:

🔔Non-Fungible Major Announcements 🔔

1. The new ERC-998 Crypto-Composable allows digital assets to own their own digital assets, like one big old happy family.

This creates the potential to tie ERC721 and ERC20 tokens together, creating the potential for ERC20 tokens and consumables to affect the attributes of NFTs. Crypto-Composables are tied to the parent non-fungible token (ERC-998) so the Cryptokitty and chow tokens can be tied together and traded. Finally, a way to encourage permissionless development between different NFT games/dApps.

2. CryptoGoods was announced this week to turn your cryptocollectibles into physical goods.

Finally, you can have a way of showing off your $200 Cryptokitty to your non-crypto friends to have them buy one too.

3. RareBits announced 6M in funding lead by Spark Capital.

Rare Bits is a marketplace where users can buy, sell, and discover crypto items. You’ll see these marketplaces emerge as the biggest trading hubs like old MMORPG forums used to be. RareBits is also planning on allowing digital content creators to launch, promote, and sell their digital collectibles through FanBits.

Other 👍NFT Posts this week

  1. Sound digital goods by Tony Sheng— Tony had an awesome post about sound digital goods this week. He says while bitcoin is a proposal for sound digital money, NFTs represent sound digital goods and store of value for smart contracts.
  2. What NFTs mean for ETH by Spencer Noon— NFTs provides ETH with an amazing store of value use case in (what might be) a winner takes all market.
  3. The Rise of Non-Fungible Token Assets by Ben Sparango— How NFTs are evolving from cryptocollectibles to real-world digital proxies.
  4. Software Licenses as NFTs by John Griffin — John explores the potential benefits and use cases of NFT-based software licenses and what this might look like from a business model and UX perspective.
  5. ERC875 was proposed by James Sangalli — This is an awesome way to transfer NFTs by lot to save on gas fees and free up the congestion on the network.

What’s 🔥 in NFT Twitter

Dear Blockchain Game Developers. Please create good gameplay. Thanks!

Non-fungibles are awesome because of permissionless development. That’s what makes certain non-fungibles valuable. Not because they can be sold freely for a Store of Value.

Crypto games are using pre-sales of collectibles as a means to raise money. Sounds a lot like the ICO market…you might start seeing more regulations like the below.

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