Rebranding, the future of NFTs, and ERC721 is finalized!

Brian Flynn
Jun 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Yep, I re-branded! Not-So-Fungible Weekly is now the NFTY News. I’ll be adding new writers and different types of content here in the future including interviews, project highlights, and free collectibles for readers!

🔔NFTY Announcements🔔

1. Announcing Spacer, an Ethereum AR location-based experience using Loom and NFTs

NFTs are starting to appear in the real-world! Spacer is a social, augmented reality experience built on FOAM and Loom to tie virtual objects in physical space. Just last week, Pokemon Go finally made Pokemon tradable and Tencent is already making Pokemon Go on the blockchain. Check out Spacer’s product demo in the link!

2. ERC-721 is FINAL!

It’s been done. ERC-721 is now finalized as an Ethereum Standard 🎉

Other 👍 NFT Thoughts

Back of the Canvas by Alex Benzer —Content access is one of the first utility use cases of tokenized images. Now you can view the contents of a tokenized piece of art if you own it. Amazing feature coming from Digital Objects.

Building the Internet of Blockchains by Lawrence Lundy-Bryan —Some interesting thoughts here about tokens representing signaling:

“If purchasing and holding tokens is a reflection of one’s values, it’s interesting to think that token portfolios could become a new sort of social or political badge.”

NFTs allow signaling with skin-in-the-game by showing the contents of a wallet.

Ethmoji is cracking sovereign identity by Andrew Beal — Ethmoji might be on to something. Since Ethmojis are provably unique images tied to an Ethereum address, they can replace an Ethereum address in UIs and signal digital identity. Perhaps soon a user will be able to signal tokens within their own wallet on their Ethmoji? 😉

CryptoKitties hidden meta-game by CryptoKitties —Not many understand the intricacies of the CryptoKitty economy. Between informal contract agreements, botting, and guessing, users earn money in ways you probably didn’t expect.

What’s 🔥 in NFT Twitter

Self Autonomous Artists, Brands, and digital collectibles?

Simon was always one of the most forward-thinking in the creative blockchain space. Soul tokens using bonded curving to create new tokenized art? 🤔

Digital Celebrities will be supported by selling digital collectibles to users who want to signal fandom and gain access to future content…but maybe it’s a bit more than that.

Brands and Creators will not just sell collectibles, they’ll make their fans and users earn it. Digital collectibles can be monetized further by monetizing the process of obtaining those digital collectibles.

🇭🇰NIFTY Hackathon & Conference in Hong Kong is July 24–26 🇭🇰

Interested in NFTs and Blockchain Gaming? The folks at Kenetic and Decentraland are co-hosting a hackathon and conference in Hong Kong. I also have a discount code for my readers! Use NFTNEWS20 to receive a 20% discount off of your ticket. Buy a ticket at:

NFTY News #10 Token 💸

Thanks for reading & supporting NFTY News. NFTY News is entirely supported from the tokens it creates. The tokens for the newsletter are:

  1. the cover for the week’s edition
  2. a donation to the writers & artists who contribute to NFTY
  3. a collectible with scarcity (only 10 released)
  4. an investment in the NFTY News brand
  5. a means of access to future new content (ex. free collectibles from partners for edition holders)

Want to grab this week’s NFTY News token? Head to the FanBits page here!

This week’s edition token is made by Jessica Phan!

As always, I’m super stoked about talking to others about the possibilities of NFTs. If you want to talk about NFTs, or anything crypto related, drop me a line on twitter @flynnjamm, my DMs are always open.

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Non-fungible juiciness packed in one place.

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