Not-So-Fungible Weekly #2

Welcome to the second week of NSFW. Keeping up with non-fungibles is not suited for work because there’s so much crap out there. I know you haven’t had time to keep up with all the non-fungible content being put out this week, so I took the time to curate it for you all in one place. Enjoy!

Here’s what you may have missed in WEEK 2:

🔔Non-Fungible Major Announcements 🔔

1. Tencent announced a blockchain game merging Pokemon-Go and CryptoKitties.

Tencent finally entered the blockchain gaming realm by merging two familiar gaming successes of the last few years. Tencent will be creating their own blockchain and will allow players to trade and exchange monsters as well as breed kitties within their game. It’s unclear if they will be letting other developers onto their blockchain, but my guess is this is a setup for something much greater. Can’t wait to see what new gameplay mechanics come from this!

2. Userfeeds launches cryptopurr on the Ethereum Main Net.

This is a bigger deal than it looks. Userfeeds is one of the first implementations of a social layer for character-based NFTs, an important element for a blockchain social layer. They wrote an awesome post here on how to get started building your own ERC-721 NFT and adding a social layer to it. Check them out!

3. Mark Sundusky announces his Peatar experiment, and Peatar is sold using SuperRare!

Peatar is an experiment by Mark Sandusky at ConsenSys. Mark is attempting to bootstrap a cartoon series by selling the digital collectible of Peatar. If Peatar cartoon becomes a success, the digital collectible will be valued immensely. SuperRare also allows Mark to earn 10% on every trade of Peatar. As Peatar becomes more successful, more fans may want to own Peatar, and Mark receive a cut on all sales to continue creating content for Peatar thanks to the Ethereum smart contract. You can read more about SuperRare here.

4. Julien Genestoux announced his new venture, Unlock.

Julien Genestoux had an excellent post highlighting the evils of the business models of the web. Julien explains how blockchain allows creators to spread value faster through a simple embedding of a JavaScript snippet. This snippet embeds a “lock” on the content only allowing members to access in the form of a non fungible token. Check out his post for more details on his venture— I’m super stoked for this one!

Other 👍 NFT Posts

  1. Playing with Blockchain by Benny Giang — Benny talks about the Kittyverse vision and how Tencent falls short on having an ideal blockchain game with the announcement of their new “Lets Hunt Monsters” title.
  2. Leveling Up Crypto Games’ Discussions- Are cats securities? And what might come next by Allen Hsu — Allen dives into NFT presales and questions if the presales of certain NFTs might be securities.
  3. Blockchain Games: The Biggest Trojan Horse that Experts Won’t see Coming by Dilanka McLovin— Dilanka from Loom Network explains why blockchain games solves many problems in the gaming world and goes wayyyyyyy back in history to the days of Pinball.
  4. My Non-Fungible Rant by me (shameless plug) — NFTs are weird. They’re supposed to “live on” after the core platform dies. But they’re not built with decentralization and interoperability in mind.

What’s 🔥 in NFT Twitter

Seems to be a lot of buzz around monetizing content in creative ways this week.

Each piece of content is fundamentally different from each other, but ultimately have some value. Your Instagram post might be worth .2 ETH, your World of Warcraft character might be worth 15 ETH after six years of playing and your Wikipedia post might be referenced or viewed thousands of time and worth 6 ETH. Combined, these three things are worth 21.2 ETH, all of which represent a portion of your digital value. We can use bonding curves to represent the value of the content.

Matt Condon talks about how ETH received from presales in NFTs can be locked up similarly to ICOs. This may help with the “Are cats securities?” question as well.


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