Not-So-Fungible Weekly #4

Another not-so-fungible week passes by and you most likely didn’t have time to keep up with the news this week, so here’s your fourth installment of NSFW!

Here’s what you may have missed in week 4:

🔔Non-Fungible Major Announcements🔔

1. CryptoKitties launches Celebrity CryptoKitties with the announcement of CurryKitties.

CryptoKitties announces their next move to expand the Kittyverse with the move into celebrity cryptokitties. This is more than just a partnership with Steph Curry. This is a move to show what blockchain technology is capable of to a mainstream, non-technical audience. Rare Bits also launched Fan Bits to allow creators launch their own non-fungible tokens to fans. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with IP in a digital realm.

2. OpenSea raises $2 million to make digital ownership more accessible.

OpenSea raises a $2M seed round by investors from 1confirmation, Blockchain Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and others. OpenSea is committed to providing a marketplace for all digital assets. They’ve recently opened support for trading software licenses such as the dottabot license.

What’s 🔥 in NFT Twitter

Airdrops! ✈️

What if you could airdrop NFTs to launch your next NFT project?

You could gamify your community and incentivize your fans through “NFT medals or awards”. NFT Trophies/Awards may now become a way to signal reputation within a community.

How can creators/designers signal their reputation in a digital economy other than NFT awards/trophies?

Maybe by using a token-curated registry to submit individual pieces of work to a highly regarded registry. Each individual piece would be its own NFT and nested under the registry.

As always, I’m super stoked about talking to others about the possibilities of NFTs. If you want to talk about NFTs, or anything crypto related, drop me a line on twitter @flynnjamm. If you’re in NY this week for blockchain week, let’s meetup to talk NFTs!

The NFT virus is spreading 🚀