NG-ZORRO-MOBILE (Ant Design Mobile of Angular) Announcement

NG-ZORRO-MOBILE is the Angular implementation of Ant Design Mobile Specification.

Taking advantage of unitary specifications, Ant Design makes prototyping simpler and more accessible to the whole team, which comprehensively promotes experience and development efficiency of applications and products.

Ant design was born only in React, but considering the vast spread of the all-new Angular, we decided to develop NG-ZORRO, which stands for Ant Design of Angular and is developed to support the Angular developer community. NG-ZORRO-DESKTOP was open sourced last year. And within this short span of period, it already has witnessed more than 27 thousand monthly active users from 50 different countries.

Responding to the need for mobile components in the Angular community, now we are announcing NG-ZORRO-MOBILE 🎉, which is the part of Alibaba mobile web apps for more than one year.


GitHub : NG-ZORRO/ng-zorro-antd-mobile

WebSite : Ant Design Mobile of Angular

npm package : ng-zorro-antd-mobile

design pattern : Ant Design Mobile design pattern


NG-ZORRO-MOBILE currently supports Angular ^6.0.0 , which not only makes development easier,but also allows you to take advantage of a rich ecosystem of Angular packages and tooling. The Angular implementation shares almost the same DOM tree、styles and APIs with the React implementation. To preserve the unique features of Angular itself, some of the components might be slightly different.


NG-ZORRO-MOBILE supports Ionic 4 seamlessly, we would like to hear feedback from Ionic users as well. For details please check Running in Ionic.


NG-ZORRO-MOBILE has been used in Alibaba big data mobile web apps which have more than 20 million page views per day.


Each component has its detailed documentation, since the documents are written in markdown, suggestions can be given just by clicking the edit button. You can also easily edit demo code in stackblitz.

Code Quality

Currently, NG-ZORRO-MOBILE has more than 460 unit tests,above 86% code coverage, which will be improved even more in the coming months.


NG-ZORRO-MOBILE is developed by Alibaba Data Technology And Product,thanks to:fisherspy、Guoyuanqiang、BronzeCui、sWhite01111、Chrisvy、3Fuyu. Also thanks to NG-ZORRO-DESKTOP Team and Ant Design Mobile of React Team for your professional assistance.

Please join us to develop and maintain NG-ZORRO-MOBILE, you can contact us through Github or Gitter.

Thank you!