ngEurope 2016 schedule is up!

We’re thrilled to announce that our schedule is now available online for you to read here

We’re super excited to have talks that will touch many topics of interest from mobile to testing, minification, RxJS, performance, ionic 2, Angular Material, security, typescript, Angular Universal, router, animations and more! And also great speakers from the father of Angular Misko Hevery, the co-creator of Ionic Adam Bradley, Tero Parviainen, @Daniel Rosenwasser, @Matias Niemelä, Douglas Duteil, @Martin Probst, @Jen Bourey, @Pawel Kozlowski, @Ari Lerner, Wassim Chegham, André Staltz, @Christian Weyer, Thorsten Hans, Nir Kaufman, Alex Eagle, @Hans Larsen, Vanessa Yuen, @Vikram Subramanian, Matthew Podwysocki, Yun Bei and more!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to grab your Round 2 ticket to the conference as there are not that many left!

Cheers and see you soon in Paris!

-@ngEurope team