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5 Reasons Why People Back NGRAVE On Indiegogo

Thinking about purchasing (y)our new NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet and GRAPHENE key backup solution? This article summarizes 5 reasons why more than 500 people have already pre-ordered theirs.

1. The Real Peace of Mind of a Fully Offline Solution

The NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet is both super secure and easy to use.

As a user, you no longer have to worry about attacks from online hackers, and can enjoy the peace of mind of a fully offline solution. No USB, no network connections.

The NGRAVE ZERO cryptocurrency hardware wallet is the most secure in the industry. Managing your crypto has never been safer.

With the ZERO, managing your crypto is finally a breeze. An intuitive touch screen and fast, seamless QR codes ensure your coins are always just a tap away.

The NGRAVE ZERO crypto hardware wallet is the most easy to use in the industry. Managing your crypto has never been easier.

2. Early adopters, Influencers, and Authorities Love the Product

Don’t take our word for it! Just listen to what our early adopters, influencers who had a chance to interact with the solution, as well as real authorities in the industry have to say about us.

3. Everything Starts with the Key, and We Have Upgraded this Process for Additional Security

The remaining risks of existing hardware wallets are removed with NGRAVE’s “Perfect Key” generation process. NGRAVE adds biometrics and light as external factors to the key generation process to remove potential backdoors. Moreover, the user interacts with the key, fully offline, to ensure he is the only one to know the final key.

“In contrast to many hard wallets, the ZERO does not rely on one “master seed” that ships with the device, but incorporates elements of biometric data such as fingerprints and even environmental randomness from light levels.” — CoinTelegraph, May 20 2020

NGRAVE not only uses external factors such as your fingerprint in the key generation process, it also allows you as a user to interact with the key. You are in control and you have the final say.

4. We are already in the production phase

Unlike many crowdfunding campaigns that raise money before they even start building the product, we are already a full step further. We are industrializing our solution as we speak and we’ll be able to ship in a few months from now.

NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet casings first out of tools. Indiegogo campaign.
NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet casings first out of tools 2. Indiegogo campaign.
Photographs of our first NGRAVE ZERO casings after the varnish has been coated on the special metal body.

5. A Present Team with a Passion for Security and a Clear Vision to Foster Blockchain Adoption

The NGRAVE co-founders Ruben, Edouard and Xavier are never hiding. In fact, they are as visible as can be. They come with their own experiences of losing funds in the crypto space, with for example one of Xavier’s early blockchain projects losing 44,000ETH ($10 million). These events have only increased the passion of the team to jump out of bed every single morning to work on better security for you and the entire blockchain realm.

You can find the team directly on YouTube, explaining the different product features.

CEO Ruben Merre on the vision of NGRAVE and a demo of the ZERO and GRAPHENE

And recently, CEO Ruben Merre appeared on national television in Belgium:

Find us as well on Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

6. BONUS — 42% Discount, Only Now During The Campaign

We’re still early in the campaign! You can still get the ZERO hardware wallet + GRAPHENE metal backup Combo for 288EUR — 42% OFF from the retail price of 498EUR (saving 210EUR).

If you’re looking for better security and an easy to use solution to manage your crypto with true peace of mind, now is a great time to get your ZERO at 42% OFF. You are just a few clicks away to…

Start Truly Owning What Is Yours




NGRAVE is a blockchain security provider offering a user-friendly end-to-end solution for the self-sovereign management of individuals’ and businesses’ digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The NGRAVE product suite consists of hardware wallet NGRAVE ZERO, backup solution NGRAVE GRAPHENE, and mobile application NGRAVE LIQUID. Developed with world leaders in nanoelectronics, hardware security and applied cryptography, NGRAVE ZERO’s advanced features make it the most secure and easy to use crypto hardware wallet in the world. NGRAVE will support over 20 coins in its first shipped devices including Bitcoin, Ethereum (and ERC20 tokens), Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, and many others.



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