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NGRAVE — A Breakthrough Solution In Blockchain & Crypto Security

Belgian startup NGRAVE is about to unleash breakthrough technology to tackle the Achilles’ heel of blockchain technology: the security of private keys.

The NGRAVE ZERO is the most secure blockchain & crypto hardware wallet on the planet.

Even The Safest Get Hacked

Focus On End-To-End Protection Of Private Keys

NGRAVE — Illustration of difficulty to break a private key. NGRAVE Perfect Key. Ruben Merre CEO. The Coldest Wallet.
Because of the inherent nature of public and private keys, guessing a private key would be one-hundred million times a billion (1017) times more difficult than guessing anyone’s bank account number, PIN code ánd two-factor authentication code. Yet, other than with conventional authentication codes, a private key cannot be changed once it has been generated and anyone you reveal your private key to has immediate access to all the information on your public key.

The Online Achilles’ Heel: Where Existing Solutions Fall Short

The Customer Journey: From Hot To Cold Wallets

NGRAVE versus the competition. 100% Offline Hardware wallet + Everlasting Backup Solution & Mobile app suite
High-level overview of the main types of places you can encounter in handling cryptocurrencies and their vulnerability: left: exchange accounts and hot wallets. Middle: cold wallets. Right: NGRAVE offline solution.

NGRAVE ‘Coldest Wallet’ Stays Offline And Keeps Pandora’s Box Closed

NGRAVE’s product suite consisting of the NGRAVE ZERO, NGRAVE GRAPHENE, NGRAVE LIQUID; Ruben Merre CEO
The NGRAVE solution consists of three elements. Above: an offline electronic hardware device with a camera and fingerprint scanner on the back. Bottom left: a two-piece cryptographic puzzle as a cold storage for your private key. Below-right: an app that uses QR codes to make the link between the offline device and online transactions without ever exposing your private key.

Building On Credible Partners

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NGRAVE ZERO screens.



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