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NGRAVE Indiegogo Campaign Weekly Digest #1 (May 17)

Every week running up to and during our Indiegogo campaign, you can find the most interesting moments and emotions right here

NGRAVE ZERO Indiegogo pre-order campaign on May 26. Weekly Digest May 17. Ruben Merre. Crypto hardware wallet, cold wallet.

Hi there,

Happy to have you reading in on our weekly digest. Here, we share our moments — good and bad — so you can keep a pulse on the campaign and the emotions we go through.

So let’s dive right into the crazy events of last week!

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1. Sneak peek

We made a quick intro video on NGRAVE including a sneak peek of the working NGRAVE ZERO device featuring the key generation process and key backup on our NGRAVE GRAPHENE metal backup. It’s also a great opportunity to see me in the flesh →

2. Two new top advisors join the team, including the 2nd reference of the bitcoin paper!

Or as Cointelegraph writes it: NGRAVE onboards two “crypto OG”s (“crypto Original Gangsters”) as advisors.

→ Famous cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater, whose 1999 paper “Design of a secure timestamping service with minimal trust requirements” is cited in the Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi himself, joins the NGRAVE team with 5 decades of experience in cryptography. We are incredibly proud to have one of the brightest brains in the industry backing his belief in our product by joining our team.

→ Serial entrepreneur Michael Terpin, who personally experienced one of the most high profile hacks in blockchain history, involving a SIM-swap hack of $24M, ads his network, PR and business strategy expertise to the team. It’s really great to have people concerned about security showing their confidence in our team.

3. The last week of our giveaway competition starts tomorrow!

If you’re looking forward to the launch, I highly recommend having a quick look at our giveaway campaign where you can win one of 10 FREE NGRAVE ZERO + GRAPHENE combos. There are different small things you can do such as following us on Twitter, and each will earn you a few points. With each point earned, you gain extra odds of winning. Have a look right here →

In the upcoming week, we’ll be posting sneak peek tutorials, announce something special, and well… the rest is for you to find out…

9 days away to…

Start Truly Owning What Is Yours


Ruben from NGRAVE

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NGRAVE is a blockchain security provider offering a user-friendly end-to-end solution for the self-sovereign management of individuals’ and businesses’ digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The NGRAVE product suite consists of hardware wallet NGRAVE ZERO, backup solution NGRAVE GRAPHENE, and mobile application NGRAVE LIQUID. Developed with world leaders in nanoelectronics, hardware security and applied cryptography, NGRAVE ZERO’s advanced features make it the most secure and easy to use crypto hardware wallet in the world. NGRAVE will support over 20 coins in its first shipped devices including Bitcoin, Ethereum (and ERC20 tokens), Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, and many others.



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Ruben Merre

Ruben Merre


Co-Founder & CEO NGRAVE | | Protecting Your Private Keys From A — Z. The Coldest Wallet.