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NGRAVE Indiegogo Campaign Weekly Digest #4 (June 7)

Every week running up to and during our Indiegogo campaign, you can find our most interesting moments and emotions right here

PS: We are live on Indiegogo and on fire!

1. 500 backers & unlocking a new stretch goal!

We couldn’t have wished for a better start of the campaign, topping 534 backers in the first 11 days. And with that, we also reached our second stretch goal: LIMITED EDITION Colors! And oh, are they cold:

  • Emerald Green
  • Glacier White

If you are a backer of the campaign, you can choose any of these colors through a survey we will provide at the end of the campaign.

Note that these 2 new colors will only be available for Indiegogo backers, and that they will no longer be available after the campaign!

Every backer will be able to choose one of three colors for his ZERO or ZEROs at the end of the campaign. We will contact you with a survey to fill in where you can make your choice.

If you ordered multiple ZEROs, you can choose a different color for each one, so if you ordered three for example, you can choose 3 black ones, but also 1 black + 1 green + 1 white, or 2 green + 1 white, etc.

2. Next up — Frozen Silver

You know us, we always go colder. When we woke up today, we looked at the horizon. And we noticed something flashing in the light of the cold midwinter sun. We walked through the snow in an attempt to get a better view of this enigmatic, glorious glimpse. And there it was…

Frozen Silver

Singular and strong

A spatiotemporal marvel

Smoldering in the snow

Stainless steel and silver stone

To safeguard

Your cryptographic soul

Frozen silver — our next stretch goal — will be unlocked when we reach the magic number of 200KEUR in funding. So spread the word!

3. Current perk: Indiegogo Early Bird 1 special

We’re still early in the campaign! You can still get the ZERO hardware wallet + GRAPHENE metal backup Combo for 288EUR — 42% OFF from the retail price of 498EUR (saving 210EUR).

This is still a huge (and obviously limited) opportunity, so have a look at our Indiegogo landing page, get yourself more acquainted with our obsession for both security and customer experience, and let us know if you have any questions.

Indiegogo NGRAVE Early Bird 1 Special

If you’re looking for better security and an easy to use solution to manage your crypto with true peace of mind, now is a great time to have a look at our campaign that has just started. You are just a few clicks away to…

Start Truly Owning What Is Yours


Ruben from NGRAVE

Join in on the campaign right here.




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