NGRAVE’s Crypto Hardware Wallet Earns World’s Top Security Standard

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4 min readMay 22, 2020


With EAL-7 certification, the NGRAVE ZERO is the blockchain industry’s most secure wallet and the top choice for security-conscious crypto investors

BRUSSELS / SAN FRANCISCO — MAY 20, 2020 — ​ Digital asset security company ​NGRAVE ( today announced that its NGRAVE ZERO cryptocurrency hardware wallet meets the highest level of security design analysis and testing. With EAL-7 certification, the NGRAVE ZERO is the most secure wallet in the blockchain industry. With NGRAVE, consumers can safeguard their assets with an even higher level of security and protection that they’ve come to expect from traditional banking.

In comparison, the Ledger Nano X features the lower EAL5+ certification on the secure element level, while the Trezor Model T is not EAL certified. Both competing hardware wallets use USB or Bluetooth (in the case of Ledger) for communication, leaving them with residual security vulnerabilities. The NGRAVE ZERO instead relies on QR codes to remain fully air-gapped, even when conducting transactions. The NGRAVE ZERO will be available for pre-order starting May 26.

“Our technology’s firmware and hardware meets the security industry’s most stringent specifications possible,” said NGRAVE CEO and Co-Founder Ruben Merre. “This lets us assure NGRAVE wallet customers they’ll own the world’s most secure crypto cold storage wallet, as independently verified by the world’s best information technology and security standard.”

NGRAVE’s wallet integrates, among other things, ​ProvenCore​, the ultra-secure Prove & Run Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that meets Common Criteria EAL7 security certification. Evaluation Assurance Level is graded on a scale of EAL1 to EAL7, with EAL7 being the highest and representing the fullest battery of testing possible, including design documentation, design analysis, functional testing, and penetration testing.

The NGRAVE wallet firmware is also matched with a highly secure hardware component, integrating one of the newest, most secure and tamper-proof micro-processing units (MPUs) from ST Electronics, the ​2019 STM32MP157C​ with HW crypto and secure boot and ultra low power consumption. The ZERO also has a built-in secure element (SE) for optimized security.

“ProvenCore is the first TEE to be formally proven down to the generated code. The proof also covers all of the essential parts of the TEE. ProvenCore provides a distinctively higher security level and a lower cost of security,” said Christophe Pagezy, Co-CEO and Co-Owner at Prove & Run. “NGRAVE has developed a hardware device that is truly unmatched when it comes to security, and we’re happy to be a part of this achievement.”

The Evaluation Assurance Level of an IT product or system is a numerical grade assigned following the completion of a Common Criteria security evaluation, an internationally recognized set of standards used since 1999 by the federal government and other organizations to assess the security and assurance of technology products. Under Common Criteria, EAL represents the depth and rigor of the evaluation, giving consumers the confidence that products at a specific level meet the security assurance requirements associated with that level. Higher EALs involve more detailed documentation, analysis, and testing than lower ones.

NGRAVE’s cold storage crypto wallets are already in the production phase, with shipments planned for October 2020. The wallets will first be available for pre-order through the company’s Indiegogo campaign. NGRAVE will support over 20 coins in its first-shipped devices.


NGRAVE is a blockchain security provider offering a user-friendly end-to-end solution for the self-sovereign management of individuals’ and businesses’ digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The NGRAVE product suite consists of hardware wallet NGRAVE ZERO, backup solution NGRAVE GRAPHENE, and mobile application NGRAVE LIQUID. Developed with world leaders in nanoelectronics, hardware security and applied cryptography, NGRAVE ZERO’s advanced features make it the most secure and easy to use crypto hardware wallet in the world. NGRAVE will support over 20 coins in its first shipped devices including Bitcoin, Ethereum (and ERC20 tokens), Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, and many others.

NGRAVE ZERO coin support
NGRAVE coin support upon launch.

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