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Unleashing Frozen Silver!

We reached a new stretch goal, and with that a new special edition color is unlocked!

Yesterday evening, we crossed the 200KEUR funding mark and with that a new campaign stretch goal is unlocked. What really happened yesterday was the following:

You know us, we always go colder. We woke up, looked at the horizon. And we noticed something flashing in the light of the cold midwinter sun. We walked through the snow in an attempt to get a better view of this enigmatic, glorious glimpse. And there it was…

Frozen Silver

Singular and Strong

A Spatiotemporal Marvel

Smoldering in the Snow

Stainless Steel and Silver Stone

To Safeguard

Your Cryptographic Soul

Here is an overview of all campaign stretch goals, with

  • Multisig (BIP174/PSBT) unlocked
  • The limited edition — Indiegogo only — colors Emerald Green and Glacier White unlocked (for no additional cost: you can choose green, white, or obsidian black through a survey we’ll provide at the end of the campaign)
  • Frozen Silver unlocked (with an additional cost of 19EUR if you would like to have this special edition color, also to be chosen through the color survey at the end of the campaign).
  • Boundless Gold is still locked until the campaign tops 300KEUR in funding.

To be super clear, here is a quick recap:

  • At the end of the campaign, every backer will receive a survey where they can choose a color for each device they bought.
  • The available colors for choosing will be those unlocked by the stretch goals.
  • For Obsidian Black, Emerald Green, Glacier White, no additional cost will be incurred.
  • For Frozen Silver, an additional fee of 19EUR will be asked. As the survey will be done through our Shopify page, this step will be super easy.
  • If you purchase multiple wallets, you’ll be able to choose a color for each separate wallet.
  • If you already backed the campaign, we recommend also joining our closed Facebook group only available for Indiegogo backers.

Don’t worry. We will keep you posted across all our channels and make sure to get you the color you want.





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