Annoying Things About Vietnamese Tech Startup Community

I consider it the Wild West of startup. Lawless, lots of smoke and mirrors.

People are easily fooled by social engineering and manipulation of the media. The noisier you are, the more credibility you get.

It’s where new coffee shops and high growth tech startups are categorized in the same media light.


  • I’ve met some who think that they’re superior yet humble simply because they go to work in a hoodie.
  • I’ve met some who created startup because that’s what the funding trend is, not out of any personal mission.
  • Most don’t give a shit about users and customers. It’s about short term growth and fundraising.

Almost no angels, VCs, founders, wannabes, etc.. write blogs to offer thoughts or values. And it’s hard to find their background. Some have spooky backgrounds once you find out.

People are more comfortable sharing existing content and quoting to further their agenda than writing original content. Spooky.


  • Most so called startup events are money grabbers.
  • Some speakers don’t know what they’re talking about and give generic advices, thinking they’re hot stuffs.

Most local VCs offer a small ticket size with an expectation of “global market” expansion. Spooky.

Drinking beer alot is one good way to network and grab investment. Some startup “founders” appear at every club and events at any given time, not sure when they find time to work. Also, did I say being a startup “influencer” gives you the right to be a womanizer also?

It will take some time, but many things will get better, many so called “experts” will get weeded out of the industry in some ways. I’m counting on it.

But for now, fuck me for having to be part of it.

Enough rants for today. Once again, it’s just one of my harmful opinions.

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