It Doesn’t Matter What The Features Are

Let me dumb it down for you. In a website, a forum, or a game, or any other platforms, it doesn’t matter what the features are.

In short, forget about bloating the users with features, the experience itself needs to feel good for anything else to be meaningful.

Let me give you an example. I love MMO games, and it doesn’t matter what the features are, it doesn’t matter what the graphics are. What matters is, how does it feel to move around, jump around and interact with others.

If that doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how good the graphics are, doesn’t matter if the story is unbelievably awesome. None of those stuffs matter. What matters is the moment to moment game play has to be good for the rest of it to even matter.

We take that seriously at Minecraftly. We build something so people can:

  • Talk to others
  • Engage in the community
  • See each other in-game
  • Have their privacy if they want to
  • Easily tend to their garden, prevent spam, griefing, abusers
  • Reach customer support easily whenever they want to
  • Easily make their own place visible to everyone else

We don’t want to be a faceless game community where admins never talk to users. We want you to feel loved and feel like home to engage in the community. That’s why doing things this way is important to us.