Project Infinite — The Pied Piper Techique

Accessing all of your files while saving space on your hard drive.

I was recently invited to the Beta of Google Drive File Stream feature. It seems to be a direct response to Dropbox’s Smart Sync feature (formerly Project Infinite).

What is it about? It’s the ability to sync a folder to the cloud, then disconnect it thus having your data in the cloud but not stored locally. You can access it as if it’s local, but take up little to no space on your hard drive.

It’s basically the Pied Piper technique.

I’ve always been fascinated by different type of cloud storage and advocating for how files should behave as if it’s local, but it’s actually in the cloud, hence reducing the cost of ownership for end user. The technology is not new, it’s dated back far longer than the TV Show “Silicon Valley”, but it’s fascinating.

Now that it’s here, lets talk about it, because it’s going to be the standard for all cloud storage very soon.

What Are The Options?

  • Dropbox’s Smart Sync
  • Google Drive File Stream
  • OneDrive OnDemand Sync

So far, Google Drive File Stream seems awesome to me. It seems to be just as fast as my full old sync — but somehow takes up no space on my hard drive.

The result? I changed back to using my lighter laptop that only has 128GB of SSD storage, to carry around, while not having to worry about owning a more bulky computer with larger storage capacity.

When Are They Available?

The only publicly available option at this point is Dropbox’s Smart Sync, available within Team plan. I will buy that soon to test it out.

Microsoft’s OneDrive OnDemand Sync will most likely come out in Q2, as far as I heard.

Some of my friends seem to like Dropbox a lot, let’s see what the fuss is about, at the same time comparing it with Google Drive Stream. They were the first at pushing this out to the public, so I’ll give them cred if things go well.

Technology is bae :)