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So it’s day… something of Innovations class and as expected, things are going great. This week has been pretty crazy (but then again, they always are), I’ve managed to pull together a few more ideas and made decisions to end projects before they have a chance to fail on their own. Today however, gold was struck. I, with Brad Wolf, Jared Costa, Hunter Stone, and Corbin Long, will be starting something we are all passoinate about. Being nerds that build stupid stuff and wear graphic tees. Now I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not innovating, that’s just guys hanging out doing meaningless things and playing with gadgets.” Well let me tell you, you are 100% correct. The catch is that it is expanding into a weekly YouTube channel to help us build our personal brands while doing things we love. We still have our own personal projects to pursue, but there is nothing wrong with having some fun on the side! Dr Seuss once said, “Fun is good.” If THE Dr. Seuss says it’s good, who are we to argue?? And on that note I will keep this post short and sweet. Make sure to keep an eye out for the first video soon and more weekly updates to come (I’ll put together something a little more formal this weekend… probably). Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! #makerspace

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