“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” — Martin Luther King Junior

A question that not only crosses the virtuous mind, but drives people itself. Even if most of us are unaware, everything we do is directly or indirectly for others. If I make a million dollars, every time I spend money that’s part of an economy boost, even if it looks selfish from the outside. Selfish acts even have an effect on others and you are doing something for them, even if it’s not helping them out. An innovation itself is a way to help others by making something in life better, easier, or more fun. Right now I’m working with a small team of other students to create a children’s toy that will aid children in learning foreign languages, which will help others become more educated. One goal in making a product like this is, for self serving purposes, to make money, however that is not the priority here. Hopefully that will be a result, but the point in doing this is to make someone’s life easier by teaching them a skill they can use their whole life. One of the most important goals is to change the way people look at learning, which is exactly what my innovations class is trying to do. Whether in a big or small way, helping others out rewards you and them creating a cycle of continuous giving and taking. But what’s the best way to help someone out in terms of creating a product? How do you know what they need or are looking for? Communication is what makes the world work. Plain and simple. Thus, the first step in getting our product out and into the world is to ask people what they think. What can we improve on or what would make the result that much better. Overall the update of the progression towards my first project is data collection. My first step in helping others is to see what they want.

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