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Why Nibbl is fractionalizing Doodle #4081

Nibbl is live! Here’s what lies ahead

Nibbl was born of the ambition to level the playing field in the NFT space and democratize access to sought-after NFTs. We believe that everyone should be able to own a high-value NFT, and achieve that in the most seamless way possible.
We’re excited to announce that we just went live on mainnet, and are now changing the game of collective NFT ownership by offering guaranteed liquidity on tokens, and an innovative price-based buyout rejection game that uses continuous tokens to achieve distribution.
To kick off our big launch, we’re fractionalizing Doodle #4081 on Polygon, and dropping the fractional tokens to our community members.

Why fractionalize a Doodle?

The Doodles NFT collection is one of the most loved NFT projects to exist in current times, and they have been empowering their community from the very beginning of their existence. Doodles’ art is simple yet very elegant and unique. We surveyed NFT collections in our network and Doodles as a collection is what every collector wanted to have in their portfolio. Keeping all this in mind, a Doodle NFT was a clear choice for us.

However, given the popularity and demand of the collection, a large chunk of the NFT community is currently priced out of owning a Doodles NFT. We wanted to change that.

Why fractionalize on L2?

As things stand, no high-value ETH NFT has ever been fractionalized on an L2 before. And we wanted to take on this challenge.
To this end, we planned to run a massive experiment, where a high-value NFT is owned on L1, then bridged and fractionalized on L2 (Polygon in this case), enabling thousands of people to own a rare NFT together (something which is not possible on ETH due to high gas costs), and create a large community that collectively owns a Doodle. And that’s how things came to be.

Our big goal

Our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable community of engaged members, who continue to give back and create value for each other. And we want to start by doing this with Doodle #4081, making it the most followed Doodle with the strongest micro-community, ever.

Eventually, we plan to partner with other big projects to continue to fractionalize rare NFTs and create more access for the community at large.

How we plan to achieve our goal

We plan to meet our goals in collaboration with our community. Here’s a tentative plan of what’s to come -

  1. We begin by building an engaged micro-community around Doodle #4081.
  2. We then plan to collaborate with other NFT projects to fractionalize other rare NFTs, and turn them into sub-brands with micro-communities of their own. We will reward current holders with fractional tokens that we receive from some of our partners.
  3. We roll out our token-gated PFP feature, and involve & incentivize the community to try this feature out. We believe that adding PFP on social media for a blue chip NFT is utility itself, via PFP chat we aim to build a community of core believers who own tokens and also add images of doodle as PFP on twitter.
  4. We also plan to organize online events & contests for the Doodle #4081 micro-community, creating more avenues for connection.

Our goals are big, but we’re nothing if not ambitious. Join us in changing the game of NFT fractionalization, and making it the most efficient and rewarding process ever.

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