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Jul 10 · 3 min read

Nice1 has a goal which is to unite the largest community of users and developers of the video game and blockchain ecosystem.

A global computing network that focuses its objectives and resources 100% on the development and research in the field of videogames and the interaction with blockchain technology is built for them.

With the purpose of establishing a firm network and ensuring a good development from the beginning, this strategic collaboration with community members is focused.


This first collaboration between the Nice1 team and community members will create the first links that will form the Nice1 network, which will be the best foundation for a free and dedicated development.

-For this reason, we are looking for strategic partners from all over the world interested in the development of the Nice1 project and the management of a Node1, this initiative is vital to ensure the security and decentralization of data, ensuring that no company or organization can manage the majority of nodes in the network.

-That is why with this campaign we reinforce the individual and/or collective involvement in the Nice1 project by facilitating the execution of 100% independent nodes.

Are you interested in participating and operating a Node1?

-The members who participate in the management of Node1 will execute the nodes (dpos) of the DevNet(TBA) and form the basis for the development and testing of the DevNet.

-The Node1 operators in this phase DevNet will be able to make full use of the computational power generated by the Nice1 network, each operator will be able to choose the most appropriate way. (Own use, transfer to third parties, reseller).

-On the rewards received by the Node1 will be “token DevNet” and for which it will have no value.
That is why the Nice1 Foundation has prepared a reward program for all collaborators.

Benefits of participating
-Guaranteed access channel Node1 (Discord)
-Access to the rewards program
-75USDT and 75$ in Nice1 per month (6 months)

What are the requirements to operate a Node1?
To have minimum knowledge to execute the node and the necessary hardware.
If you have never run a node or you do not see yourself capable and still want to collaborate, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will help you.

What is the difference between Node1 DevNet and Node1 MainNet?

-Node1 DevNet will be able to deploy a node on MainNet but DevNet tokens are not swaped.
-The processes to follow for the execution on the day of the release of the block genesis and performance tests will be published several weeks in advance .

If I participate am I buying tokens?

-This participation is not an acquisition of tokens.
-This is a program reserved for the execution of Nice1 DevNet.
-By participating in #StartNetTeam you are contributing to the technological infrastructure bases of DevNet and not investing in any product or digital asset.

Nice1 Blockchain

Nice1 BlockChain

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