Nice 1, Blockchain and Video games |PRESS RELEASE (January-2020)

Elan Fernandez
Jan 14 · 3 min read

Blockchain is Shaking-Up the Video Game Ecosystem — Here’s How

Blockchain technology is about to shake-up the gaming ecosystem — and it’s about time.

By 2022, the video game industry is on track to be worth $230 billion. This makes now the time to train as a game developer. However, the current video game ecosystem is far from healthy.

Nice 1 is Supporting a More Open Video Game Ecosystem

Are video game companies creating a monopoly over the market? According to the EU, several game developers are.

Currently, 1% of game development companies dominate 50% of worldwide video game releases and turnover. As a result, indie game developers can’t enter the market.

- Video game development costs are high.

- Funding for independent game developers and startups is scarce.

- Indie game developer salaries are low, leading to stifling of independent innovation.

Thankfully, new blockchain-based video game development platform Nice 1, is set to make indie game development altogether easy.

Nice 1 is the Blockchain for Gamers in 2020

Are you an aspiring game developer? If so, Nice 1 can now help you raise the funds you need to bring your new titles to completion.

At its core, Nice 1 is a blockchain game development platform. When using Nice 1, a game developer can raise funds from public and private supporters. However, Nice 1 goes further than just mere fundraising.

- The Nice 1 blockchain provides users with access to an SDK library (and documentation) for Unreal Engine & Unity.

- Nice 1 is striving to create state-of-the-art gaming services for streamers and esports enthusiasts.

- Non-game developers can earn and support gamers and developers, by helping support the Nice 1 blockchain network.

Nice 1 is Helping Combat Censorship in Gaming

The primary goal of Nice 1, is to promote innovation in gaming worldwide. However, in the process, Nice 1 is also striving to tackle increasing censorship in gaming.

2019 saw gamers come out in outrage against game developer giant Blizzard. That was in response to Blizzard banning a prominent pro-Hong Kong protest gamer. However, censorship in gaming is prevalent just as much in the West as it is in China.

Places like Australia regularly ban unedited versions of even classic gaming titles like Fallout 3. If you are a game developer working on a project with a similar narrative you’ll, therefore, fin it impossible to secure investment Downunder.

Thankfully, Nice 1 blockchain game development changes all this.

With Nice 1, there is no censorship, no monopoly, and no ridiculously high video game development costs. All power is put back in the hands of real gamers and real game developers just like you.

Are you a developer or do you belong to a community or video game project? if you want more information and be one of the first to have a Node 1 click here.

Nice1 Blockchain

Nice1 BlockChain

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