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Nice1 Foundation
Aug 16 · 2 min read

🌱Collaborate in the growth and global diffusion of Nice1 Blockchain with the creation of content and receive fabulous rewards!

📝Nice1 Foundation launches this campaign that will be aimed at all community members interested in collaborating with the creation of news/reports on the Nice1 project.

-Publication of the article in the user’s own medium: 100k N1.
-Publication of the article on the user’s own website: 125k N1.
-Publication in referring Web in the sector(videogames/blockchain):250k N1.

📰Topics to be covered in the news/report.
-Nice1 “Devnet”.
-Nice1 “Mainnet”.
-Nice1 Tokenomics.
-Advantages of the use of blockchain in the video game sector.
-Possible usecases and technologies in blockchain/video games.
-Other approaches that combine the above themes.

⚠️Writing requirements.
-The text must contain the words “Nice1” “Video games” “Blockchain”.
-Do not include any link with referral.

How to proceed.
-Publish your News/Analysis (Medium/web).
-Send us an email with the link to foundation@nice1.org (In the subject of the email should appear your @usser de Telegram?).
-The team will review the contribution and contact you via Telegram for the delivery of the reward.

Publications eligible to receive rewards must meet the following criteria.
-Minimum of 400 words in the text.
-To contain title and subtitle.
-Written in English or Spanish.
-Must contain 1 header image .
-Relevant content (poor quality, replication and copying of items may result in a 50% reduction in reward or nullity of reward).

Nice1 Blockchain

Nice1 BlockChain

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