Nice1 | UPDATE #1 (August-2019)

Juanma Antunez
Aug 6 · 3 min read

Welcome Airdrop (250m N1)

From July 28th to August 2th an airdrop was performed on our Nice1 telegram channel. 150 million Nice1 were distributed among more than 6100 users who completed all the simple tasks promoted by Nice1 bot, referral included. Likewise, our twitter followers have rise to more than 5300 users.

During the next month 100 million Nice1 will be airdropped in our Nice1 telegram main channel. The purpose of this airdrop is to reward those users contributing the project through feedback, ideas, audio-visual (gifs, stickers, memes), and other relevant content either in our bitcointalk thread, telegram or twitter.

Remember that to be eligible to earn rewards and airdrops you must talk with Nice1 telegram bot (@I_am_N1_Bot) and complete all the tasks.

Nice1 Community - #weareN1army

During the last 2 weeks our main channel activity has literally exploded. We rise from below 100 to more than 6800 members. Several users have developed quality content like Stickers , pics, gifs and we have already two hashtag #WeAreNice1Army and #Nice1 All those contributions have been rewarded through /tip

N1 Logo contest

During the early days of Nice1 we set up a logo contest. Up to four logos were submitted prior to the deadline on July 28th. We encourage you to like and retweet the logo you like the more, as the logo with more likes and retweets will represent Nice1 😉. Below you can see the contestants. By clicking in the image you like take you to the twitter contest for voting it.

Ask Me Anything on Telegram

An AMA with the Nice1 Foundation is scheduled for August 11th. Through this link you will be able to submit all the questions you want to be answered during this event.

Nice1 Blockchain

Nice1 BlockChain

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