WHAT IS Nice1 Project?

Nice1 Foundation
Jul 21 · 2 min read

NICE 1 ?

Nice1 is a videogame focused o blockchains. We are tired of videogame mafias: so-called studies and trademarks that choose which games are suitable for the masses and which are not. In Nice1, we believe in an open, transparent and diverse videogame development. That is why we aim to break the monopoly barrier of the big brands to benefit every kind of developers, start-ups, and overall, the gamer community.

Bla bla bla… Are you serious? How?

Nice1 blockchain allows you to execute applications from a decentralized perspective without any kind of fee. We built this blockchain as a meeting point for a diverse videogame collective: developers, streamers and streaming-platforms; hosting enterprises; gamers; start-ups; and investors. The blockchain is designed to provide developers a huge amount of resources (mainly CPU and RAM) to become a game-changer. Thankfully, this will be achieved to the foundation and the Node1.

The Node1

Nice1 blockchain is supported by 150 nodes, 111 of them are needed for the well-being of the network. Node1 sum RAM and CPU of their VPS to the network, allowing users to develop apps in a functionally well-balanced network. Hosting a Node1 allows you to receive a reward consisting in a percentage of the 1% of the annual supply increase which will happen yearly once the mainnet is live. The amount of the reward will rely on the number of votes (blocked coins) you have. Likewise, Node1 can provide and rent their RAM and CPU surplus (achieved through votes) to developers and other gaming-community actors.

The Nice1 foundation

In Nice1, we think that there must be a team to manage the funds and tokens. This does not mean we will be another scam opaque foundation that will misuse funds . You will be guaranteed that your investment will be safeguarded for the promotion and funding of real and promising projects to achieve real adoption and to enrich the gaming community. This makes Nice1 a different blockchain, our key principle is to be a transparent foundation, showing the investors how do we manage the funds and safeguard the chain.

Nice1 Blockchain

Nice1 BlockChain

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